Wild East Productions


Just got my copy of Days of Vengeance. All looks well, except the typo in the synopsis.

(Sebastian) #2104

Those who are Amazon customers, please where possible use the SWDb’s links


As expected the audio is rather ropey throughout. A couple parts do sound ‘home dubbed’ on this disc, but I could be wrong. Also, a logo appears at the top right in a few scenes. (A TV station logo?)

But overall, better than Cult Action of course.


Sloppy! :frowning_face:

(The Man With a Name) #2108

A TV logo? I never would have expected that from Wild East. Perhaps they made a composite using the edited Spanish version available on the X Rated disc.



That’s really quite strange for Wild East, at least it doesn’t look too distracting. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, looking forward to re-watching this one in a better quality than my bootleg.


If people had known these films would be so hard to find decades from now, they should’ve just stolen the prints from the theater projection booths.


LOL That crossed my mind when I finally got to see a 35mm print of GBU … that seems recent to me, but it was actually 20 years ago … also, re-runs at my local have been digital copies … and I’m just not interested in that. :wink:


A station logo so small would be quite easy to blur with some basic editing software - I don’t recognize the logo.


I guess any print without the added scenes is sacred!


The print I saw was the same as the UK TV broadcasts, with Maria (fresh young whore) giving away Bill Carson after one slap.
Also it had the Italian signatures on the freeze frame for each character 'il brutto, il cattivo, il buono - for years I didn’t realise these were Italian and was quite surprised when I saw the English lettering on the DVD release. D’oh! :rofl:

(The Man With a Name) #2116

I wonder what will be next for Wild East. Hope another double feature comes out soon. I would like to see more macaroni combat releases, too.

(flynnparadox) #2117

I agree! Love that double feature disc of Churchill’s Leopards and Salt in the Wound. Definitely want more decent releases of movies from this genre…

(cronosmantas) #2118

I did an interview with Eric Mache, vice president of Wild East, for my blog a while back and asked him if there would be any more future Macaroni combat releases as I am a huge fan of the genre. He said unfortunately not as the Salt in the Wound/Churchill’s Leopard double feature was a huge flop for them and sold extremely poorly. That totally bummed me out :frowning:

(The Man With a Name) #2119

That’s a shame! If you are interested, there’s Czech releases of Battle of the Damned and When Heroes Die with English audio.

(cronosmantas) #2120

I interviewed Eric Mache, vice president of Wild East, a number of years ago for my blog and also keep in touch with him on facebook. He said their first Blu release was a major flop due to the extra cost they had to charge to make up for the high price of manufacturing. WE is a two man crew and they make no money from their releases. All money they make goes into their next release so they break even in the long run. It truly is a labor of love. If Sony didn’t charge so much up front for the opportunity to press blu-rays, small companies like Wild East could afford to release more.

(The Man With a Name) #2121

I don’t see the point in Wild East releasing blu-rays when they can’t ensure such high quality. I’d rather Koch and Arrow take care of that. Wild East is just a nice alternative to the DVD-Rs and AVI discs I already have and I’m happy to keep supporting them for the sake of owning an “official” (even if they’re not really lincened) DVD.

(Jonny Powers) #2122

Well honestly, the films chosen for blu ray release weren’t the best choice.

(kevenz) #2123

vice president ? hehehe that’s pretty funny…. like Wild East is a big company with hundred of employees.

Wild East is just two guys doing bootlegs dvds and selling it on amazon…. I wonder if the Wild East name is even registered.

You have this guy named Ally Lamaj

And the other one is Eric Mache: