Wild East Productions

(The Man With a Name) #2082

The last time they did a Blu-ray, the quality of the DVD was better. If they can give us Koch Media quality Blu-rays, I’m all for it.


Yeah … the ‘Pesco’ Blu looked like crap … Sorry Wild East, the Koch media DVD was better than the supposed Wild East HD … what’s the problem?

(kevenz) #2084

I’m very curious to see the quality of that Long Days print :slight_smile: all releases so far have been pretty much shit so…


It would be a good idea if Wild East posted screen shots on their site, rather than just tantalising poster artwork.


And they never put runtimes on the back of their cases!!

(ENNIOO) #2087

Probably to busy trying not to licence the prints they use :grinning:


Funnily enough I was thinking of re-watching Long Days…this week. Guess I’ll wait this comes out first, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t really happy with this.

Same :slight_smile:

(carlos) #2089

Gemma dropped in today :smiley:
The opening credits are Italian. It starts with a disclaimer. A few screens:


So, they’re saying the sound is a bit crap in places … or they’ve done some ‘home dubbing’, which they hope isn’t too noticeable ???

(Jonny Powers) #2091

When did this go up for preorder? I saw when it was announced, seems it just released


Exactly what I was thinking. What the fuck?

Oh please no. Johnny Hamlet was a disgrace.

(Sebastian) #2093

where does it say that? it said equalized, that means make sound from different sources sound roughly of equal nature, possibly in terms of pitch, speed, noise, reverb, etc… I assume at least

(The Man With a Name) #2094

I am so behind with Wild East! Still need to buy their last three releases.

(Sebastian) #2095

Same here… it is quite a catalog



Did you know about Long Days of Vengeance being available to order? Maybe I should’ve checked their site more often.

(Sebastian) #2097

it should be up on Amazon next week I am told…


It doesn’t say that, obviously … but to me it’s quite a convoluted way of saying the sound isn’t great, ‘Be prepared’ ! otherwise why mention it ?
I mentioned home dub, referring to their release of ‘The Ugly Ones’ which does have several lines of dialogue dropped in, and is very amateurishly done - I’m just hoping that this is a policy they will avoid forever - if English dialogue is missing, make a subtitle for that section - don’t get your friends round with a microphone and attempt to reproduce the impossible - I even found the post sync on ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ for the restored long edition to be really unconvincing, and that team had two of the original cast … God knows what Eastwood thought he was doing with the voice … he sounds like he’s trying to add a southern twang to his delivery … and he doesn’t even sound like himself. Timothy Olyphant or Jim Carrey do a better Clint impression than Clint does :rofl:

(carlos) #2100

They had it scheduled for April 26, so I checked a couple of weeks before and according to my account ordered on the 13th.

(kevenz) #2101

The master seems to be pretty good quality visually.


Didn’t realise this had come out already. Everything else on my shopping list can wait a bit longer now :slight_smile: