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Welcome, Dave. Plenty to enjoy on here…

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Willkommen Sven!

Welcome on board @Wai_Yan_Aung


Welcome on board, @Cleet

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Hey there. I am Divy Tripathi from India. Have been immensely interested in the Spaghetti Western world from a young age, though it was only in the college years and thereafter that I was exposed completely to this genre.

I am a law graduate, have made a short film titled Roma (an amateur work back in the college days with a dedicated team) and am interested in general about movies, studying their aspects and understanding them

Regards to everyone


Remade into a full length movie by a popular Mexican director? just kidding. And welcome on board!

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Hahaha, that is the joke among us who made it. One told me that Cuaron must’ve done a shot by shot remake in the vein of Gus Van Sant’s 1998 Psycho.

Hi, everybody! My name is Ginger, and I’ve been a fan of Italian Westerns since I started watching them in 2015. I’ve been to this site before for finding titles, and never knew there was a forum. So, I’m glad to join!


Welcome Ginger, glad to have you aboard. There’s loads of nice folks on here ready to answer any question you have, give film recommendations, and just good general conversations on the genre. There’s tons of fun and learning to be had here.

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To all the new ones, reading the welcome tutorials and all that ain’t for nothing :slight_smile: Plus, you can get a badge just for making your profile prettier: https://forum.spaghetti-western.net/badges/9/autobiographer

Benvenuto @VanCleef

Hi! I’m Simone from Italy (Lombardia) and I’m glad to be here with you, fans of the best Western’s genre. Just watched “Sonny and Jed” by Corbucci, fantastic Milian and soundtrack too


Hi, Simone. A warm welcome to the ‘SWDB’. :smiley:

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