Welcome to the SWDb Community!

Hey. I’m actually not that new. I just wanted to do make a new account with my current email, lol. Hello everybody!!!


We can help u merge it. Whats the reason for a new one if I may ask?

I honestly don’t have access to the email on my old account.

That wouldnt be an unsolvable problem for yours truly :slight_smile:

Hello all, my name is Arno and I’m new to this forum. I’m from Belgium and I’m a big fan of westerns (obviously). My love for the genre actually started after playing the video game Red Dead Redemption back in 2010. :slight_smile:


Hello all at the SWDb Community!!

My name is Stephen Nash, but I write under the pen-name Tony Nash. I have my own movie blog on the website WordPress, www.moviefanman.wordpress.com, and it’s called Move Fan Man: Cinema Connoisseur. I write about all sorts of film topics, actor and director appreciations, special themes, and review films in my collection. I originally got the WordPress account in regards to a College class and forgot about it for about 7 years. My first few months were spent writing a lot about the Spaghetti Westerns I rediscovered thanks to the purchase of a region free Blu Ray player which had allowed me access to Blu Rays and DVDs from primarily the US, UK, Germany, and Italy.

Spaghetti Westerns aren’t the sole discussion of my blog, I do, and am making plans to expand, writings on a variety of films and subject matter in the coming months and years on the blog. I’m on vacation from the blog right now for the Christmas/Holiday season, but please feel free to check out the blog anytime as I have 54 items currently published. I am hoping to make a career out of writing someday, hopefully doing reviews for companies like Arrow Video, 88 Films, and Koch Media to name a few examples. I’m hoping that starting out doing some write-ups for this Community that it will lead to future opportunities for writing.

I’m planning on sending links to this website from my blog to some films on the Database, which I hope will meet with approval by the current staff of this Community. I would also like to do some material for direct publication on the Website in the future, so please feel free to make suggestions either as a reply to my intro, or on my blog’s About page for posts either for the Website or for my blog I will send an external link to later on.

I just want to mention on my blog write ups I use the term Italian Western as, at the time I started the blog, I felt this term felt more authentic to the films I was talking about. Also, after seeing Sergio Sollima’s one interview on the Grindhouse Releasing disc of La Resa dei Conti (The Big Gundown) about his view of the term Spaghetti Western, I started to feel the terminology he was using and had hoped would catch on seemed more relevant to the genre, though I have no problem with the Spaghetti Western term being used as well.

Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction and I hope you’ll check out my blog too. Again, please feel free to make suggestions.

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Hi yall!

A newcoming SW-fan and collector here. Been reading alot about movies in this forum lately so decided to become a member. Cheers from Sweden!


Welcome. Cheers back from Denmark.

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Helooooooo baby!
Welcome David, we are so happy you found us :slight_smile:

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Welcome, and enjoy the Community. There’s a vast array of films and info on them.

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Adding two new helping hands to the SWDb this weekend.
@FlexibleHead and @Low-Plains-Drifter

Howdy all,
I just arrrived here and hope it’s not a ghost town.

My name is Christian and I am from the Northwestern plains of Germany. I grew up in Wilhelmshaven, a harbor city at the coastline of the North Sea. Life has led me south a bit, but I still consider myself a Northern German.

I’ve been a Western fan since boyhood days (appr. 4 decades ago) and the fascination never left me, although it changed and developed over the time.

From the colorful sunday afternoon Western films, starring James Stewart or John Wayne and the Karl-May-Adventures to the more gritty late 60s and early 70s movies, and, of course, to Spaghetti Western, I still like them all in their own way.

My interest deepened while being a student of American studies in which the US-Western movie was considered as a form of fiction reflecting the American myth and American (cultural and political) history. At the end one of my final tests was about the relation of the Western movie genre to American politics abroad.

But apart from that I still enjoy watching a good Western movie without thinking too much about it. :wink:


Welcome, and enjoy the Community. Greetings from the US.

Welcome, amigo!

Nice to have you with us.

Welcome aboard

Hello, glad to find this forum. I’m a musician by hobby and have been recording music in SW style and wanted to find people who might enjoy it and others who do the same. Though I’m trying to build on the tradition rather than just replicate it.

Plus learn more about the history of the genre and early creators, trivia, best movies, etc.

I particularly like those catchy low melody lines - my recent obsession has been the theme from “This Man Can’t Die”

I write or reverse engineer my own melodies so copyright is generally not a problem, however I might like to do a cover tune once in a while or post a recording. Are there copyright problems with posting clips or songs on this board?

Thanks El Chivo

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Another fan here! My favorite SW is The Great Silence, followed closely by Once Upon A Time In The West. I’ve been using the database as a resource for about a year or so (it’s incredibly useful, especially when navigating the German Amazon) and finally joined the forum, too. I really appreciate all the information concerning the many different releases of these films, and also really like reading people’s opinions and discovering new gems in the genre.

I’ll post my top 20 once I’ve received my copy of Run, Man, Run in the mail, hopefully next week… (it’s the only one of the official top 20 I haven’t seen yet and as a fan of both Sollima and Milian, I have to see it before making a definitive list!)


Welcome, and enjoy the Community!! It’s a fun place. Greetings from the US.

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Thanks! And greetings from Finland!

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