Welcome to the SWDb Community!


Thanks! I dont know why I havent joined earlier!

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Welcome John. I watched Return Of Sabata not long ago. Glad to have you here!


Thanks for writing.

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Sebastian surely there must be an exclusive forum badge for people like John that were actually a part of the spaghetti western industry :slight_smile: !?

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good idea!

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The Tomas Milian Giraldi movies which you also ‘did’ are some of my favourites. Welcome.


Hi, My name is Daniel Camargo and I am from Brazil. I know some of you from others social networks and I am one of the biographers of Anthony Steffen, about whom I and my Friends Fábio Vellozo and Rodrigo Pereira wrote a book released in 2007, here in Brazil. Now we are in talks about publishing it in English, so I hope I have good news soon. My current project is a documentary about George Hilton, which I will be updating you all about. I will release it this year.

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This is good news Daniel. Would love to be able to read the Steffen book and something on Hilton will be welcome too.


Consider me a buyer of an English version! Best of luck to you, Daniel.


Hello all
I am new to this forum. I am a fan of Spaghetti Westerns and would like to chat to more fans to try and learn more about the topic. I hope to meet people with similar interests and outlooks here.

Thank you for reading.

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Welcome to the SWDB, J0zza!

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Welcome J0zza.


Thank you. So sorry for the late reply, Asa


Hi, Thanks Phil. And sorry for the late reply.

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Welcome !

No need to be sorry, just buy the men a beer or two :grin:

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Hey there all i m Patrick. Enjoying my stay here reading and commenting.

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Hi Patrick! Welcome to the SWDB, amigo.

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Hi Gang, Name’s Chris, I am an avid Movie/TV show, Classic Retro Cartoon Collector. Way over 2 million titles of each. I tend to get a hold of anything that strikes my fancy. Unfortunately My Spaghetti Westerns are limited but if it’s ok. I am willing to buy/sell/trade for some titles that i might find interesting.


Welcome, Chris!

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