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I have been a fan of Spaghetti Westerns for many years from watching the Clint Eastwood trilogy, the Trinity movies, Once Upon a Time in the West, Lee Van Cleef etc.
Since I discovered the Spaghetti Western Database in recent years, I have collected many of the great Spaghetti Western movies (with varying quality copies) and rediscovered many movies/stars that I had forgotten about.

Please see my page on The Best Spaghetti Western opening credits sequences:

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Welcome to the forums, Michael! Loves me some rotoscoping horsey shootey action. :slight_smile:

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Really nice page and nice addition to the database. Cheers mate

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Hi everyone,

Thanks for having me and running this great site! I’m so passionate about Westerns that I now run a small Western imprint of a publishing house, and we have tons of eBooks for free and 99 cents. Looking forward to sharing them with you (don’t worry - I’m not a spammer!) and chatting about cowboys!

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Welcome Amy

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Thanks Phil!

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Thanks Phil

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Thanks Asa


Thanks to all for maintaining this site. I peruse it all the time for information on what to watch next or what dvds to spend my money on. It was about time to join.

My favourite film of all time - western or not - is Once Upon A Time in The West. I know I don’t have to explain its virtues to this audience. However, I usually tell the uninitiated its got the best combination of story, cinematography and music I’ve ever experienced. Not to mention the most beautiful woman ever captured on film. So there’s that.

I’m also a big fan of Sergio Sollima’s three westerns with a particular soft spot for Run Man Run.

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Welcome to the SWDb, amigo!

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Hola Amigos and Gringos,

Glad to join you all in this spaghetti western adventure. Hope to enjoy lots of chit chat over this fantastic movie genre. My favourites films are Once Upon a Time in the West hotly pursued by For a few dollars more. I’ve been to Almeria several times to see the movie locations and happy to share info if needed Let fun commence…!

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Howdy y’all,
I’m a spaghetti-western enthusiast from Perth in Australia.
Some of my favorite directors are: Michele Lupo, Sergio Leone, Mariano Vázquez & Alex de la Iglesia.
It’s great to see all this movie info being preserved.
Thanks to all the members who have contributed to this excellent resource.


Welcome to the spaghetti emporium, brother Sam!

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Thanks for the friendly welcome @Dean
So much forum to explore… :grin:

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To speak the truth, it is a well without a bottom!

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Greetings, everyone.

Just happened to join the forums out of genuine appreciation of the Spaghetti Western genre. Next to The Dollars Trilogy, my standalone favorite films in the genre happen to be Sabata, Death Rides A Horse and One Silver Dollar. Honorable mention: Django, Prepare A Coffin!. One would wish this outstanding genre of cinema was still continued regularly today, but I suppose one should be grateful there was a time where a bundle of those had to come out each year one after another.

I’m currently writing a manuscript for a future novel entitled Striker that is heavily inspired by at least two of the aforementioned films, with a touch of Clint Eastwood, John Phillip Law and primarily by the third act, Lee Van Cleef (who happens to be my favorite actor in the Spaghetti Western films).

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That does sound interesting! and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you! I’m very glad to be here!


I’m John and I made a few spaghetti westerns in Rome in the 70s.

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Oh wow, welcome to the forum, John! Great to have you! I think the last movie I watched that you were in, that was Cop in Blue Jeans.

Here’s your reel, for the others to check out