Welcome to the SWDb Community!

(Spencer Glover ) #585

Hello friend had the day off work today so I managed to count my DVDs and videos think I was being optimistic with my first estimate, I have 275 DVD and 40 videos at the moment, got some more items on the way aswell :grinning:

(Spencer Glover ) #586

Thankyou for your kind welcome :grinning:

(ENNIOO) #587

You our doing well !..thats a fair few.

(michael burkhalter) #588

Hello im mikhail. I live in the US in the state of Georgia and have been a western fan since i was a kid. Be good to look around and see what ll yall have going on here.

(Asa) #589

Hi mikhail, and welcome to the SWDB fella! Stick around, it’s a quiet bunch here but a good bunch.


Well I’m Dean, and I love this website! I’d like to thank y’all for raising my awareness of countless Spaghetti’s which I would have never seen, or even heard of it if wasn’t for this place.


(Toscano) #591

Welcome to our three newest members, Dean, Mikhail, and Hawkeye76…

Imagine a crowded bar, with poker players in the background, and a roulette wheel counting down the seconds to the first shot…
I can’t promise any of you that…but I can promise that you will meet the meanest bunch of desperadoes that the West has ever produced…and you will be made (even if you don’t want to be) made welcome.

Adios, amigos…

(Spencer Glover ) #592

Thankyou for the welcome Toscano :+1:

(Joyce) #593

Hi All,

(michael burkhalter) #594

Thanks for the welcome folks

(Asa) #595

Hi Joyce! Welcome to our merry band. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone, it is good to be here. I am glad I found this website and forum. I hope to chat with you all and hope to get some new recommendations on some Spaghetti Westerns I haven’t seen. I hope to make some new friends.

(ENNIOO) #597

Welcome aboard !

(Toscano) #598

And it’s good to welcome you here! I’m sure you’ll enjoy every (most) moments.

(John H.) #599

Hey everyone. I was on this forum under another name (which I don’t remember) maybe 5-10 years ago, and thought it was about time I rejoined. Glad to be back. Have been collecting and watching Spaghettis for years but dropped off recently, mostly for monetary reasons, but am diving back in again, thanks to Wild East and the plethora of films now available on Amazon Prime & YouTube.

(Sebastian) #600

Woohoo welcome back!

(Asa) #601

Hi John! Welcome (back) to the SWDB amigo, and don’t go leaving us again, OK? We worry! :slight_smile:

(Toscano) #602

El_LibreroJohn H.

Welcome back!


Welcome back.

(Sebastian) #604

It took bribes, threats of death, persistence, and an army of desperados… but now we finally tracked him down and got him to join up. Say hello to @Pumaman