Welcome to the SWDb Community!

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Hi amigo. I wish I could start afresh watching all the great spaghetti westerns again. You are in for something of a ride :slight_smile: Enjoy your stay.

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in the movie Adios Sabata, anyone knows the name of the song at 18:00 (guiltado theme) ?


Hi everyone,

I’ve been around as a guest for a long time.Suppose it took me while to sign up.
Anyway my name is Antonis aged forty & I live in Greece.Huge fan of the genre,I spend more money for SWs than my wife can accept and still can’t get over the passing of Bud Spencer.

I suppose I’m here to stay

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Welcome to the SWDB, Antonis! :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard


Hello there, I’ve been a lurker around here for the better part of the year, and have grown to be a huge fan of the genre. I’ve seen all of Leone’s westerns, some of Corbucci’s, and can’t wait to see what else this genre has to offer.

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great to have you!

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Welcome Handman! Stick around. :slight_smile:

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Welcome dude !

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Hello fellow Spaghetti fans, I’m 40 years old and been a fan of spaghetti westerns, exploitation, horror and Italian crime movies for most of my life, I’m a collecter of VHS and DVD mainly spaghetti westerns it would be fantastic to chat with likeminded people so here I am !!!, my name is Spencer I’m a chef from the uk, I’ve done a top 20 of my fave spaghettis but in all honesty it changes from month to month as I revisit old films and discover new, I own about 275 spaghetti DVDs half originals half DVD-r and I think I’ve got about 40 Spaghettis on VHS which some are U.K.,Dutch,Greek and American releases, thanks and hope to enjoy your knowledge and passion for this amazing genre

Cheers :beers:
Spencer (Hawkeye76)

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Welcome to the SWDB, Hawkeye! 350, that’s a lot of spaghetti right there! :slight_smile:

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Welcome. Always good to have some more Brits around here.

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Welcome, Spencer! Great to have you

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Thankyou Sebastian :blush:

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Welcome aboard !

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Hi, I joined forums just week or two ago. I’m 29 and come from Czech republic. I’ve been a western fan since my childhood. It was not until several years ago when I found out there were actually more spaghetti westerns than just Leone’s westerns, Django, Keoma, Hill/Spencer stuff (because of their popularity from later comedies they did together) and few others! Well only these were on tv here. I was really suprised Italians actually made hundreds of western. I’d never known that before I found out SWDB. Since then I’ve seen so many movies, I stopped counting after some 150. I picked carefuly what to watch and what not, SWDB was really helpful in this! Firstly I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the movies, because Leone was simply few levels above any other director and Corbucci was excellent director either. But then there was often a bigger gap. After I got use to “more to the ground” style, it became real fun to discover more and more westerns. Still I needed to rewatch some movies several times to really appreciate their qualities. And there are some pretty damn good movies, usually unknown to a casual viewer.

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A hearty welcome to the ‘SWDB’!

There is a great bunch of like-minded ‘Spaghetti’ fans that I’m sure will make you feel glad that you rode into the 'bullet riddled saga, that some people call ‘hell’, but we call ‘home’.

‘Welcome, new Compandre!’

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Welcome aboard, amigo!

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Thank you guys for your warm welcoming. :wink:

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Thanks Phil :grinning: