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Cool, Django Shoots First was a tough one for me to get.

(david collins) #546

I figure theres no rush, i like the Fletcher tapes as well. Some of the best spaghettis on Fletcher.

(ENNIOO) #547

Yes thats how I figure it aswell, you get them eventually. Yes like the Fletcher tapes aswell :smile:

(Novecento) #548

I get that - sometimes the challenge of tracking something down and finally getting your hands on it is more enjoyable than the actual product itself.

I spent ages trying to track down a certain issue of the French fanzine “Cine Zine Zone”. When I finally located a copy, it got returned to the sender (illegible address or something) who then misplaced it somewhere. If they had not been so upfront in their emails, I would have thought they were conning me. Anyway, I stuck it out and finally, over 6 months after I had ordered it, it showed up in the mail. Now it’s one of my prize possessions! Now, I almost feel like I should wear gloves to read it for fear of leaving dirty finger prints, yet it’s only a cheaply printed fanzine.


GregNYC here. I’ve been watching Spaghetti’s since the early 70s when some of them came out in theaters in Pasadena, California where I grew up. I also watched Mexican charro movies in theaters. In the 1980’s I reviewed movies for a newspaper syndicate, and love writing about movies!

I admire the depth of knowledge displayed on this site, and hope to learn from the community. Now I’d like to build up my basic Eurowestern knowledge. I looked at the Top 20 recommendations, and I need to see more than half of them!

Question: Recommendations for places to buy? I care a lot more about good quality than low price.


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Welcome to the SWDB, hombre!

Alas, living in a culturally barren and featureless desert as I do (suburban United Kingdom), I cannot assist as to the best places to buy your SW fare; Amazon has always come through for me on that score. But stick around, amigo, some of our east coast transatlantic brethren will be along shortly to advise you, for sure. :slight_smile:

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I’ll agree with last.caress, Amazon is probably the best place to buy releases, along with the websites of the publisher, though Ebay and DiabolikDVD are good for out-of-country and out-of-print releases. As far as quality goes, there’s often mention in the threads of the quality of the releases of a particular film. If you can’t happen to find that, feel free to ask in the appropriate thread!

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Welcome…enjoy the forum !

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pass the meatballs…this spaghetti needs some help…


Thanks everyone. Looks like Amazon came to the rescue. Between the DVD and online offerings, I now have all the films in the top 20 list that I hadn’t seen. A bunch of DVDs arrived yesterday. So I’m gonna be in pasta heaven for a while now. I’m glad this place is here. None of my friends relate to this interest, even if they call themselves movie lovers!! There’s something about a Euro-Western. Can’t explain it!

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We are here for you, amigo :slight_smile:

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Hello Everyone, I’m back after a long absence. I am here to discuss favorite Eurowesterns and add short reviews. I have a website www.cinemadrome.yuku.com where I also review SWs. Question: If a film has already been reviewed, can I also add a review of that same title? Thanks. Robert M.

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Of course you can …

… and you can make a new top 20, cause your old one was not complete.

Welcome back, after so many years.

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Thanks, need to that top 20. It’s hard because it’s always changing. LOL

(Stanton) #559

If it changes, you can post a new one any time (if it isn’t any day of course).

It is normal that such a list changes over the years, and every list is only a snap-shot.

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Welcome back, amigo :slight_smile: So my mass emails have not been in vain :wink:


I’m making my way through the site’s top 20 list, but trying to go in chronological order. I’m about halfway through, about 1968. Besides the Leones, the real standouts for me are “The Big Gundown,” “A Bullet for the General,” “Run Man Run,” “Day of Anger” and “The Great Silence.” Besides the locales, the look, the action and grit, I’m liking the philosophical and political themes. I bought a lot of obscure and low-quality Spaghettis on megapack DVDs. I must confess, I like the genre enough to enjoy even the really bad entries too!!

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Hi all. I live in Japan and one of the newspaper companies here started publishing a “DVD Magazine” on Spaghetti (well, as you might know they are called Macaroni) Westerns. The only spaghetti westerns I had seen before were the Man With No Name trilogy, which I loved as a kid. Just saw Django and One Silver Dollar.

I am enjoying seeing these enjoyable films with almost no background but will enjoy reading about them afterwards. I also noticed there was another forum to post info about new DVDs, so I thought I would post the info on what comes in the post. So far the quality of the DVDs have been really great.

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Welcome to the forum !