Welcome to the SWDb Community!

(Stanton) #525

Why not choose another name?

(Sebastian) #526

You gotta take up that issue with Mr. Morricone then :wink:


Because I was unable to browse all the names previously used before signing up.

Thanks Everyone

*Edit didn’t realise you can change name after joining, Hopefully that is better

(Asa) #528

You should’ve said “Great idea Stanton!” and then changed your name to “Stan Ton”. :smile:

(Stanton) #529

EnniovanCleef sounds fantastic …

(ENNIOO) #530

Yes cool name :smile:


Hey amigos , i am a fan of SW and westerns in general .

Favourite actors

Jack Palance
Klaus Kinski
Lee Van Cleef
Eli Wallach
Ernest Borgnine
Christopher Lee
John Carradine
Charles Bronson
Clint Eastwood

(carlos) #532

Welcome Bandito! I like your background pic.

(Asa) #533

Welcome, amigo! Stick around, we’re a friendly bunch.

(david collins) #534

Hello everyone my name is Dave and im from the UK.
I first became aware of Spaghetti Westerns as an 11 year old watching a television braodcast of the Great Silence in around 1990. The brutal ending of that film shocked me and stayed with me. Some years later i seen For a Few Dollars more and this pretty much soladified my interest in the genre.
I collect Uk pre cert tapes and Wild East dvd`s, my favourite films are and God said to Cain, to Kill a Jackal and Bullet for the General :smile:

(Sebastian) #535

Welcome on board, amigo! Happy easter :wink:

(david collins) #536

thanks and same to you companero


Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of w… well, never mind. Hello everybody,
great to be a new member of this splendid community!

(ENNIOO) #538

Welcome !, I collect U.K pre cert tapes aswell.

(david collins) #539

I have about 35 so far, ive been trying to collect all the Inter Ocean titles but im short of a couple.

(ENNIOO) #540

Thats not bad 35. I have been struggling with one Inter Ocean…One Silver Dollar.

(Novecento) #541

Out of curiosity, do you guys only collect “pre-cert tapes” that include footage that was cut on “post-cert” releases (i.e. the “video nasties”), or just any tapes released in the pre-cert era? Also, how did “pre-cert” stuff in the UK compare to foreign releases of the same films?

(david collins) #542

I just picked up One Silver Dollar last week. I still need Django Shoots First and Adios Gringo.

(david collins) #543

I collect mainly spaghetti westerns and eurocrime stuff on tapes. I also have a few of the later sell through releases. To answer your question i collect mainly because of my interest in the genre, its nice to see the original VHS copies and to see if there are parts missing or in some cases longer.
I have a few Dutch tapes and they are very similar ij most cases albeit with dutch subtitles at the bottom.

(ENNIOO) #544

Just collect western U.K tapes now. Had them years ago and sold them all. Just wanted to see how many I could get this time around…yes I know to much time on my hands. I like the artwork and tracking them down, and have collected more than the first time around.

Re pre cert video nasties. Not interested in them these days, but have owned most of the tapes at one point when I used to deal in tapes. Alot of the U.K tapes are still cut compared to alot of foreign tapes though.