Welcome to the SWDb Community!

(JohnReid) #505

Hi guys!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. I am looking forward to the new Tarantino movie opening soon in Montreal. I am presently working on a scale model of Buffalo Bill’s old stage coach.

(Gino) #506

Hello Everyone!!! Happy to join so many like minded Spaghetti western fans! I live in BC Canada. Anybody else from BC?

(Søren) #507

Well met Gino. Make yourself at home :smile:

A Dane myself but I’m sure there are some Canadians around at least.


(George Bellow Ferguson) #508

Thanks for having me! I love the SWDB. These movies are cool and I am glad to see there is a place where they get the love they deserve. You are all the best! VIVA SWDB!

(Asa) #509

Hi George, welcome home (this IS your home now) :grinning: ! Great choice of name too btw; GB Ferguson is by far my favourite cinematic gay psychopath . I’m not necessarily that way inclined myself but if I were, he’d be the coiffured dreamboat I’d most want shooting at me from the far end of a wine cellar.


Real name is Jae Flores, Im from Oxnard, California,USA. 36 years old. In 1993 I took a trip to San Francisco and came across a VHS copy of The GB&U…and Ive been hooked ever since then. Glad to be here. Always a rotating top 10, except for top 3 spots…
1 The Good the bad & the Ugly
2 Il Ritorno di Ringo
3 Vamos amatar Companeros

(Sebastian) #511

Welcome on board, amigo!

(Michael Baker) #512

Hi everyone just joined the forum today and will be submitting my top 20 list shortly.

(ENNIOO) #513

Welcome aboard :smile:

(greenpete) #514

Hello everybody! It’s been a while since I’ve visited. My Name Is Pete. I LOVE Spaghetti Westerns, and the more pasta, the better, I say. I also enjoy many other old movies (by “old” I mean 1970s and prior). I have a blog which some of you may be interested in. It’s called “longitudes,” and my most recent blog post concerns Revisionist Westerns (of which Spags are a subset). Please check it out, would love to have you visit for some coffee and beans! (https://peterkurtz.wordpress.com/2016/02/23/when-you-have-to-shoot-shoot-dont-talk-the-revisionist-western/)

Adios, friends!

(Sebastian) #515

Welcome back, wohooo!

(Asa) #516

Welcome greenpete! Excellent article!


Welcome amigo. Liked your article, glad to see the appaloosa on there, it has many flaws and i remember liking it a lot more when i was young but i recently watched it again on my universal Brando set that has it in a prestine dvd(so youre wrong about that).

(Stanton) #518

Hi Pete,
we share a similar taste for westerns, as half of your top 10 make my top 10 too.

But then, you also wrote that:

"Before the 1960s, and dating to the silent film era of the 1920s, movie and television Westerns were extraordinarily popular, but very formulaic. With only a few exceptions, there were good guys and bad guys, and nothing in-between. The actors looked like they’d just stepped from the fitting room at J.C. Penny. The dialog was clean and predictable. Even the violence was clean, with maybe a spot of grey, at most, to reveal blood. If a good guy was shot, he always managed to take a few moments to gasp some poignant last words.

Women were limited to secondary roles as wives or sweethearts. American Indians were always portrayed by white actors, and they were always the evil aggressor. If Mexicans were depicted at all, they were generally lazy and subservient (a notable exception being in the Marlon Brando vehicle, Viva Zapata). "

Hmm …
… sounds like you haven’t seen much westerns before 1960.
The US western from 1939 to 1960 was in fact a very varied bunch of films which can’t be described with simplified terms. They ploughed through a great range of themes and styles, they were heroic and they were unheroic, they were clean and they were dirty, they were optimistic and they were pessimistic, and they practically contained, albeit in a slightly watered down version, already most of the things which were later the basis for 70s westerns.

Yes, there are US westerns which are that simple like described by you, mostly serial westerns of the 30s and 40s with Roy Rogers and others, and there are surely also some 50s western of that kind, especially in the b-picture department, but the others which come to my mind first for that kind of western were mostly made in Europe in the first half of the 60s.

(ENNIOO) #519

Welcome back :smiley: !

(SmartFabian007) #520

i´m a collector of spaghetti Movies seens 1996.


Hi, I’m new to the site, I found it via sending an email to the spaghetti western database
and I’m pleased I sent that email as now I’m here.

I love Some of the darker movies, I’m a big fan of Franco Nero
Most of all I’m addicted to buying Spaghetti western Vinyl records as well as
making my own SW style music.

I see there’s someone already with a similar name to mine, hopefully there won’t be any confusion

(Sebastian) #522

Welcome! And I think as long as you don’t pick the same avatar image, and you put in a name or quote or some other things with your profile we can tell you folks apart :wink: Enjoy!

(Asa) #523

Welcome, amigo! There shouldn’t be too much confusion unless, like our other ENNIOO, you’re also 800 years old :smile:

(ENNIOO) #524

Welcome aboard Ennio ! :smile: