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Hola! ;D
mainly, I’ve been on forums before, but I recently discovered this forum when I was looking for something on Clint Eastwood and Lee Van Cleef.
while my love of western movies, I always liked the movies related to the old, and it’s strange, because I have only 16, even some people say that’s weird, but well, not long ago I have just being a fan of Clint and Lee, but most of all I prefer to Lee… I first saw the trilogy of the dollar, then I saw Death rides a horse, I’ve also seen the Sabata trilogy, the big gundown (el halcon y la presa, in spanish) , among others.
My favorite actor is Lee Van Cleef, for many reasons, and if you ask for my username, cause this and because my friends call me so. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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[size=12pt][font=times new roman]Hello. I just joined this forum. My name is Keith & I’m from NC. It’s only recently that I’ve begun to really start watching a lot of movies from the 1970’s. I’m becoming a big fan of them. I really enjoy spaghetti westerns, poliziotteschi, giallo & blaxploitation. I thought this would be a cool place to learn more about these movies.[/font][/size]

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Welcome aboard Keith. Great place for learning stuff this forum and helps discover hidden gem films aswell.

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Welcome to the forum, Keith.

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Hi there everybody, I’m Joseph, a definite fan of the Euro western Genre, and collector of obscure western titles, specifically 70’s based ones and posters.

I do have 3 favourite actors in the genre, William Berger, whom I managed to get his autograph ;D, and was a greatly underrated guy, then Robert Woods, for his unique quirking characters, Black Jack, Pecos, and of course, my profile picture kinda gives away the 3rd one.

I’ve given myself a life challenge to watch all these 3 actor’s westerns, and so far I need to track some info on 2 of them, one I do not know the name of, but all I know is that it has Donal O’brien and Robert Woods star in it ( I really want to see it, and will happily pay for a dvd for either of these 2), and the other being A Gunman Called Dakota, which I think is one of the holy grails of rare 70s westerns.

Sorry about the long intro about myself, I find this better than just saying ‘Hi I joined the forum, bye’. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see if I can find those movies

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Enjoy the forum Farmer_J :slight_smile: .

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Hey guys, cheers

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Is the Woods/O’Brien movie this one?:

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:435, topic:30”]Is the Woods/O’Brien movie this one?:


YES! thats the one, the name has eluded me for months!

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There is a torrent on Cinemageddon, but there are only 2 seeders; I’ll see if I can download it.

Haven’t seen it myself.

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Many thanks. I don’t use many torrent sites, as where I live, my connection just barely keeps high enough for me to type. :-\

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Welcome Farmer. You know me as Inspector Tanzi at Lovelockandload.

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Welcome. :slight_smile:

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@ Farmer_J : Download seems to have worked. It’s fullscreen though, and the video quality is not great (seems okay at first sight, but there’s quite some macro blocking); I’ll try to burn it to a disc tomorrow.

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welcome welcome welcome. first round of whiskey is on me

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welcome welcome welcome. first round of whiskey is on me

Dutch Treat of course: first round is on me, if you pay the whiskey

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Hi there Tanzi, good to see you again, and a merry hello to everyone else too.
Also, Cheers for the download, if there’s anything I can do to thank you, don’t hesitate.