Welcome to the SWDb Community!

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I burnt the download to a disc and watched the first 30-35 minutes of the movie, I warn you: Don’t expect too much of it. Or better: Don’t expect anything at all.

If you PM me your home adress, I’ll send you the disc

(Farmer_J) #446

I’m just glad I can see it, I’m not worried if its too bad, but many thanks are in order. Now All I need to is find any sign of Dakota being released on any format.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #447

Greetings, amigos!

I’m an old geezer who makes a living writing oaters. I’ve been fascinated by spaghetti oaters since I first saw A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS back in the 60s. My love affair with them continues unabated today.

I hope to stick around for a spell, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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Welcome to the board MWB. Nice to have you with us.

(Marvin W. Bronson) #449

Thanks! ;D

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Joining after a long time lurking.

I have more questions than answers, so this seems like the place to be.


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Welcome…enjoy :slight_smile: .

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Welcome on board man :).

(Ryback) #453

Hey guys! Let me introduce my self.

My name is Sergio Cabrera. I´m spanish fan of spaghetti westerns films.

Un fuerte saludo!

(Asa) #454

Hi Ryback (WWE fan?), and welcome!

(Ryback) #455

A true WWE fan :wink:

Thank you

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Welcome dude :slight_smile:

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Bienvenido amigo

(kung fu gunman) #458

Hey there. I’ve been reading this forum for a week now. I had hundreds of questions and I think I’ve found all of the answers. I’m mainly a fan of older kung fu movies but recently I got into spaghetti westerns. I’ve always been a fan of the music in kung fu movies, and this led me to getting The Big Gundown on Bluray. Before this movie the only westerns I’d seen and enjoyed were The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Unforgiven, Blazing Saddles and Death Rides a Horse. The Big Gundown was a treat, and I decided that I should explore this genre a bit more. I made a random choice, and I got the 10 pack The Fast the Damned the Saved. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I struck gold! Now that I’ve gotten a lot of multi packs and seen a lot of movies, I’ve been focusing on only getting the best (or at least good) versions. Anyways, I sure am glad to find this site!

(The_Marshal) #459

hey there,

been lurking arouind these parts for quite some time now, checking the Wiki on a regular basis, now I thought it’d be high time to finally register and pitch in myself.

My name’s Sebastian, both a Western- and a general film enthusiast. I’m particualarly interested in movies outside the mainstream, and keen to seek out rarities and obscurities. In that regard I’ve managed to build quite a decent international Western collection, not in a small part thanks to research conducted on this very site :wink:

Funny nough, even when talking with other self-proclaimed western fans, I am often genuinely surprised that people around here (Germany) know very little about Westerns outside of the US. Usually, they only know a handful of Eurowestern (mostly A Fistful of Dollars, Once Upon a Time in the West and a handful of Karl May movies, mybe even heard of Django but never really watched it) and tend to lump Eurowesterns and Spaghettiwesterns in together.

So for that reason (and because I’m somewhat of a regular watcher of online review videos myself), I’ve decided to start a little YouTube channel of my own (called, apropriately enough, Unamerican Westernshttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx09_C9CInPNT0M3BJvTGRA/videos, where I’m going to post reviews of Westerns produced and shot outside the US at least once a month, both in english and german (So far it just contains both an english and a german review of “A Pistol for Ringo”, but I definitely intend to change that come January :wink: By the way, I’m always interested in feedback, even - or especially- critical comments, so feel free to fire away at me ). The plan is for that channel to host a broad variety of reviews of Westerns from different countries, be it Italy, Spain, Germany (both Western and Eastern), and even other places like Australia, South Korea or the Middle/South Americas.

Alright, enough of the shameless self promotion. Of course, I also want to partake in this community, because I’m always very interested in learning more about new or obscure Western movies and love to engage in conversation. So, if you’ll have me, I’d be glad being a part of this here community.

(Sebastian) #460

welcome on board!

(Phil H) #461

Always good to see a new member.

(Sebastian) #462


(Deep South) #463

Hello all.

I’m here not just as a fan of SW, but as a fan of this site.

I cannot tell you how useful these pages have been, holding my hand as I’ve learned the ways of SW. Particularly being here at the end of the world - New Zealand - where shops are not stacked full of strange and bewitching films and knowledgeable staff, and bandwidth is doled out with medieval Scottish restraint.

I just wouldn’t have known what to check out without wasting years of my life, the field being the beautiful sprawl that it is. So THANK YOU.

SW has reminded me of why I loved films in the first place. As I once had cause to say to my mother (many years ago),

I’m not wasting time! These films are beautiful art! It’s good for me! Jeez!

And you know what? It was. (good for me)

I look forward to some convivial and amusing lurking.


(Sebastian) #464

thanks man, this really means a lot to me and of course also to the rest of us who have built and filled this place with love and life