Vote For Your Bottom 20 US/AU/GB/CA Westerns


It’s not terrible, just disappointing - feels like a TV movie with a little more graphic violence.

(Stanton) #42

It’s terrible, like many McLaglen westerns.

(chuck connors brother) #43

I liked it enough to put it in my top 20, to me he made his 3 best movies around that time North Sea Hijack, Wild Geese and Last Hard Men.

Then I don’t really like any of his other westerns apart from Shenandoah… all his movies with John Wayne are pretty bad, especially McLintock! imo

(kit saginaw) #44

It’s a tough category because I won’t sit-through a bad one if I can help it, so I can’t honestly comment on 'em. Plus we discussed how awful Andrew McLaglen’s works usually are on other threads.

I remember being bored and disappointed with Cat Ballou.

And The Hallelujah Trail, with Burt Lancaster. Instead of action, it was all about anti-whisky feminism-nonsense.