Metaphysical, acid, existentialist, or just plain weird westerns

Most exhaustive list of metaphysical, acid, symbolic, existentialist, counter-culture, shamanic, punkrock, magickal, allegoric, batshit crazy or just plain weird westerns. No particular order. I’m continually adding new titles. With my microcomments.
I created list, because other list of this nature were quite incomplete. If you know about a western movie, which would fit into abovementioned categories, write it here and I"ll add it.

And just for the record, I don’t know nothing about any shit you can get high during watching El Topo or Holy Mountain :cactus:, so don’t ask, the whole purpose of the list is informative and interests me just from the standpoint of the art. Howgh.

Few titles comes to my mind

El Rojo
Crazy Bunch
The Specialist
His Name Was Sam Wallash But They Called Him Amen
Une aventure de Billy le Kid
Fury of Johnny Kid
Tears of the Black Tiger
Terror of Tiny Town
Gunman called Papaco

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Thanks, haven’t even heard of some of them. I thought about such titles as Specialists, Blindman, or Four of the Apocalypde etc. I might add these, we’ll see.

52 titles in. Some pretty weird westerns enlisted. :dizzy_face:

How about El Charro De Las Calaveras (Salazar, 1965)?

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Added to the list with mentioning your help,
last.caress. :grin:

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I added some of the proposed titles, Bill. Special thanks go for Terror of Tiny Town (mentioned you for help :sunglasses:), and Une aventure de Billy le Kid.

More and more interesting titles added on the list. I also found a related forum topic which helped and for general amusement I copied the link here, it just has some SDB value :joy: incorporated.