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No duds there. That’s a pretty solid list

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Yep, and tataa … it is the 200th list in the actual counting!

Not the 200th of all posted since we started, cause I removed years ago several lists from ex-members whose forum account was deleted. All incomplete and from the first year of voting.

From now on I will remove by and by further old lists when new ones are posted.


Meanwhile, only 68 lists submitted for the Alternative Top 20. Would love to see more.

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Thanks, Phil!

Interesting list, notably the first one in two years or so to rank The Great Silence ahead of The Big Gundown. The latter film’s campaign to reach the highest non-Leone spot in the list is set back by 4 points.

Thanks! Just by my one vote there was a loss of points of 4 points?

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Yes. The top 3 gets a small bonus for being the very best (#1 gets 25 p, #2 gets 21 and #3 gets 19). Your list thus gave 4 more points to The Great Silence than it gave The Big Gundown. But both these films have over 2,000 points already, so it’s certainly not a significant change.

I personally prefer Gundown over Silence, which I find, well, slightly overrated. It’s great in many regards - not least the snow landscapes - but I don’t think it handles the political message as well as the former, and sometimes slips over to being shockingly dark for the sake of… being shockingly dark (although this criticism has already been ventilated by me on this forum as much as I’ve needed). So I hoped Gundown would continue to eclipse it as the greatest Non-Leone SW, (an honor which Scherpschutter of this site claims it did enjoy formerly), but this marked the end of the string. That said, the fact that it’s been years since a new top 20 list posted here preferred Silence suggests that the SW Fanbase might be moving in favor of Gundown.

But we all have our loves for and quibbles with different films. Variation is always nice.


Gotcha. For me, both movies are amazing. So, it was a VERY close tie. The reason that Silence slighty came ahead was because it bucked the formulaic trend, with the cold, snowy environment and the ending.

I prefer Gundown and a few others to Silence, but I can totally see why it’s the no. 1 non-Leone spag in most other peoples eyes.

Nice to see somebody else with The Price of Power in their top 20 :blush:

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Thanks, Bill!