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(Sebastian) #342

Someone could also analyze this thread

and then compile the ultimate worst bottom 20 list


Capital idea, old bean ! (Watching Terry -Thomas at the moment )

What I find revolutionary is, no mention of Fidani or Steffen anywhere on your list … so I can only assume this is some parallel universe, where Corbucci sucks ass, and Demofilo is Lord of the Dance ! :crazy_face:

(The Man With a Name) #344

I think Fidani films are great fun personally. His films deserve a spaghetti western box set from Arrow - The Fidani Collection. It would be a blind buy for me, not sure why people hate his style.
There’s much more boring spaghetti westerns like Lola Colt and Now They Call Him Sacramento. Those films bored the hell out of me whereas Fidani’s films have always entertained.


Yes they can be, if you have the time and patience - but generally people enjoy them for their naivety, or blissful incompetence.

Films that you laugh at, rather than with. You can play the, ‘where does that music originally come from’? game.
Marvel at the endless / pointless extended riding scenes, through quarries and sandpits.
Shriek with delight at the ridiculous dialogue and wooden acting etc, etc.

I would never criticise someone’s enjoyment of a thick slice of ‘Dick Spitfire’ … but I wouldn’t be rushing to buy an Arrow Films style boxset.

Viva Fidani! :grinning:

(Andy) #346

:rofl: His films are a very finely aged cheese.


I’m replacing, ( Jesse and Lester, Three Silver Dollars and Reverend Colt ) for these three turkeys that i watched over the weekend. ( Bang Bang Kid, Lola Colt and Djurado.)

Bang Bang Kid
Lola Colt
El Cisco
Patience has a Limit, We Don’t
Ringo’s Big Night
The Beast
Kid Vengeance
White Apache
They Still Call me Amen
Django Strikes Back
Twilight Avengers
Fast Hand his Still My Name
The Return of Clint the Stranger
Alive or Preferably Dead
His Name Was King
Wanted Johnny Texas
The Django Story
The Last Gun

For now… :slightly_smiling_face:

(JonathanCorbett) #348

Now The Last Gun appears twice. Did you change your mind about Matalo? :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooops! mistake, i’ll fix that.

Thanks, JC.:+1:


I am pleased that nearly no SW on my actual preferred top 20, but a few of the lesser ranked, are included in this thread’s several bottom-20 lists.

Before last June I had only viewed the first 4 Leone SW movies, but since then watched 22 more SW after having mostly used and IMDb as sources for reviews etc.

Of all these 26 watched by me my lowest ranked is The Stranger And The Gunfighter which was included in a Lee Van Cleef collection so I couldn’t easily avoid it totally. There could be a 27th though, since on that same collection Captain Apache is included but which I haven’t watched at all (yet at least) - probably lucky enough judging from different reviews :slight_smile:

After that the less appreciated SWs by me are :

A Sky Full Of Stars For A Roof (Very good Morricone theme)
Run Man Run
Red Sun
Navajo Joe (Very good Morricone theme,exciting Esperanza location mystery)
God’s Gun (Very good Romitelli theme)

So partly thanks to this SW forum I haven’t seen that many bad SWs !

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do we have the official bottom top 20 on the swdb proper yet? i think not, what’s our timeline for this?

(kevenz) #352

I don’t know what is my bottom 20 or top 20 or alternate top 20 or whatever… I just don’t have time to do these list but…

some western spag that I found very boring are:

-The Belle Starr Story
-Reverend’s Colt
-Adios Sabata (not really a sabata movie)
-4 Dollars of Revenge (not really a western)
-Man Pride and Vengeance (not really a western either)
-Two Brothers in Trinity

(The Man With a Name) #353

The Long Cavalcade of Vengeance
Now They Call Him Sacramento

I’m going to have a think about my other 18 since I tend to enjoy a lot of trashy spaghettis but these were beyond awful.