Vote for our official bottom-20


the worst of the worst for sure.
1.Little Rita of the West (1967),
2.I want him dead (1968),
3. In a Colt’s Shadow (1965)
4.Cry Onion (1975)
5.Ringo the Lone Rider (1969)
6.Gunfight at high noon (1963).
7. Arizona colt returns (1970)
8.Django Against Sartana (1970)
9. Sugar Colt (1966)
10.Black Killer (1971)
11.Seven Pistols for the Macgregors (1966)
12.He who shoots first (1966)
13. they still call me amen (1973)
14.God made them… I Kill them (1968)
15.Hate Thy neighbor (1968)
16.Buffalo Bill (1965)
17.Bullets don’t argue (1964)
18.Hate for hate (1967)
19.stranger in sacramento (1965) hours of gunfire (1965)

(Bill san Antonio) #323

Surely not. Most of these are 5-6/10 films for me.

(Mark) #324

“I Want Him Dead” is in my top 30.

(Phil H) #325

Must admit I can’t agree with many of those


I thought a few of those were decent.

(The Man With a Name) #327

Most of those are pretty good spaghettis. I Want Him Dead is in my alternative top 20.