Vertigo vs. Psycho

Both films are often said to be Alfred Hitchcock’s greatest movie. Which one do you prefere?

I would go with “Vertigo” as it is a more complex picture, with better photography, better acting and better music.

With “Psycho”, in general it has left behind a negative lagacy with movies like “Saw” being its direct desendant.


Any particular reason why you like it better than “Psycho”?


Well, as you said, it’s more complex and thought-provoking, I also like how the twist is revealed half way through the film to the viewer, making the relationships between the characters much more interesting.

EDIT: and plus James Stwewart is in it. :wink:

Funnily enough…Vertigo actually scared me more than Psycho did…

This is a tough one. I agree that Vertigo is the more complex film, demanding more of its audience, but Psycho broke so many rules and is more audacious in terms of (storytelling and film-making) technique.

Both films have fabulous central performances, great twists…

My opinion might change the next time I watch them, but for now I think I’ll have to go with Psycho - you can’t hold its legacy against it. That would be like blaming Bram Stoker for the Blade franchise.

(Incidentally, for me, Shadow of a Doubt is Hitchcock’s greatest movie.)

To quote my man Dillinger:

Rocky vs Raging Bull
Godfather vs Scarface
Kriminal vs Diabolik
Ilsa vs Greta
Cannibal Holocaust vs Cannibal Ferox
Ichi the Killer vs Mary Poppins
Teletubbies vs Sesame Street

etc :frowning:

Teletubbies vs Sesame Street…now thats a tough one :-\ .

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:7, topic:1849”]To quote my man Dillinger:

Ichi the Killer vs Mary Poppins[/quote]
Mary Poppins is much more brutal!

You forgot SD vs Bad Lieu

Yes, he was very good in the film, if ever so slightly overaged.

Really? :-\

Psycho, without the shadow of a doubt

Vertigo for me, but neither of the two is really among my favourite Hitchcocks

I prefer North by Northwest, Spellbound, Frenzy or Notorious to these two

Vertigo for me, but Rear window is my favorite Hitchcock.

Psycho for me. Norman Bates is just such an interesting character.

“Spellbound”?!? I thourght their was way too much psychological babble in it and the famed dream squence was to short.

“PSYCHO” wins it for me.

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Vertigo, also by virtue of its widely misunderstood ending that, incidentally, unites it with Psycho. :wink:

Fantastic movies, both.

In my humble opinion though, and as fantastic as Psycho is, Vertigo is head and shoulders above. And to be honest, I marginally prefer Rear Window and The Birds to Psycho as well.

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