Vertigo vs. Psycho

Psycho as a true nutter film :smiley: .

Both are Hitchcock’s masterpieces, but I prefer Vertigo as it is a true mindblower and I love the themes it explored.

Love both, prefer Vertigo. So far, my favorite Hitch.

I’ll go for Psycho, sexual perversion made in a watchabel way, and that chower scene as iconic as GBU triello. Also a simple film by the way

Vertigo for me, but both are masterpieces! Vertigo is just my favourite Hitchcock film. :slight_smile:

I’ve never been a fan of Vertigo. So, Psycho out of these two but my favorite Hitch is Rear Window.

PSYCHO is one of my all-time favorite films.

I also especially enjoy the first sequel. Part three was okay, and four was downright dismal. The remake… best left unsaid.

Anybody else enjoying BATES MOTEL?

For me it’s PSYCHO!, witch IMO helped open the door for the genre known to us as the slasher films.

It’s certainly the grandfather of the slasher sub-genre.