The Price of Death / Il venditore di morte (Enzo Gicca Palli, 1971)

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Shocking that such stills are available ;D .

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Thanks Bill.

This blonde girl on 2 photos is not in the film, and she surely belongs to the porn crew as her 2 photos show more than possible for a 1971 release.

3 photos show the shooting of the opening murder scene, but in an alternative version in which the girl is naked. The lobby card can be taken as proof that it was considered to use this version for the film, but in the end they took the less spectacular version.

The 6th photo was shot in the decor of the bedroom of Gely Genka, the saloon owner with the lascivious look on her face. It shows a half nude girl, but I’m not exactly sure if it is our lascivious Miss Genka. Her face seems to be different, but the hair and the body are similar. This photo could very well be just another one from an alternative scene for a slightly sexier version of the film.

Maybe Bill could upload this one too. Then you all can decide if it is Gely or not Gely. Or whoever.

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You mean this pic?

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I cropped one of the pics to show the face of a man in the sex scene. It looks like Torrisi.

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It’s him (a man with about 40 SWs to his credit!), similar scenes for him in two films directed by A. Massaccesi and released in 1974, Livia una vergine per l’impero and Eroi all’inferno.

To my way of thinking her presence in the film or not is irrelevant, the girl can be a double wearing a wig in the hardcore scene (in which I seem to remember wavy and slightly longer hair); besides, Torrisi is definitely present in the film. And not forget that La bestia uccide a sangue freddo - with full close-ups of prolonged female masturbation (Neri and Monica Strebel, there’s also Kinski as main actor: he obviously had a taste for these sets…;D) - was released in August 1971…

I think the real question is
what was the target audience of these beyond censorship versions? I’ve got something in mind… :wink:

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[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:83, topic:206”]You mean this pic?

Yes, this one. Is it Genka?

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No, it seems an unclothed version of the scene with Garko, Dominique Badou and Gualtiero Rispoli (under the sheets) from 1:04:00 to 1:05:30 :smiley:

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Don’t think it’s Genka.

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Very average film. One of those I wouldn’t care if I ever saw again. Was expecting more from a Kinski/Garko movie.

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Does this one have a good English dub? As I watched the Koch German dvd with only English subs, which weren’t that great. Maybe id like the film better with the dub?


G. Garko and K. Kinsky in a snooze fest. :o… I struggled to stay awake the entire time hoping for something exciting to happen, but nooooooooooo, and nothing in it is worth watching for. Pffft!

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On second viewing I thought this was quite all right. If Dominique Badou would have appeared like the picture above things would definitely have been more interesting, even so she about knocks herself out with clothes on :slight_smile:

@JonathanCorbett, isn’t this Giovanni Sabbatini?

and amongst the fighting miners

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It’s him, his SW filmography is constantly increasing! :slight_smile:

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Hi… maybe is late but…jonathan Corbett… which is your idea?

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I think someone’s mad a double booby!

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I still don’t think that the porn scenes were ever intended for The Price of Death.

But I meanwhile watched an uncut version of Di Leo’s La bestia uccide a sangue freddo, which indeed shows some really explicit stuff. But I think as there are only vagina close ups (and much too hairy) these were shot with body doubles.
Jonathan do you think that these scenes (which could be easily removed) were really in the then released theatrical version?

The main difference is that porn stuff wouldn’t make much sense in The Price of Death, while Fernando Di Leo, a real erotomaniac, made a sex film which only is on the surface a giallo. Di Leo is less interested in the forgettable murder mystery, but in the bodies of his beautiful actresses. The thrill was not who is the killer, but how far will Di Leo go when his camera caresses the female bodies, and he went more far than expected.

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Yes i think the hardcore sequence were in the theatrical release for the USA. I think that as other many italian b movie this was distribuited in the usa by API. API since the 1970 distribuited in the art theatre of USA hard core movie (as Mona the virgin nymph and school girl). It is possible that a hc version was for that market.

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It’s very so, Stanton.

I don’t know for Neri, but in Strebel and Garret cases there are continuous shots.

At first the authorization for public showing was denied. About three weeks later - after the usual appeal - Di Leo’s movie was rated VM18 with cuts (sexual intercourse in the greenhouse and lesbian kisses) and all references to incest removed. So it’s reasonable to think that female masturbation and pussy close-ups weren’t in the copy submitted to censors.

That’s true for the hardcore stuff but not for the unclothed version of the first killing, and the reverse is true for the scene in which Garko enters through the window surprising the girl “at work”.

I think that the scene was intended for the movie (towards the beginning we see cowboys and girls going up and down the Saloon stairs), but certainly not for the theatrical release.

Politicians, industrialists, VIPs of those years.

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[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:98, topic:206, full:true”]

I don’t know for Neri, but in Strebel and Garret cases there are continuous shots. [/quote]

I don’t remember that exactly, but I think you are right.

An unclothed scene is of course possible, and is nothing special for any 70s film.

But a scene which breaks a tabu is a very different thing.

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Politician… vip… JonathancCorbett means private loop films. But why not a version for the usa market that just in that year was full of successful lowbudget hc movies…?