The Price of Death / Il venditore di morte (Enzo Gicca Palli, 1971)

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Because it is a different thing to have a real HC film, and a “normal” film with a little HC stuff.

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We don t know exactly how many hc scenes were. We have only few photos. And , more important, at that time it was usual to insert few hc scenes for more explicit version for different market ( for example the version with hc scenes of thriller - a cruel picture). In the USA Art Theatre in 1971 a version with hc insert of a movie could be better sold i guess.

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OK, let us consider this example.

Excerpt from

(…) few months after the movie was completed, Thriller got the first movie to be forbidden in it’s uncensored form in the normally very tolerant country of Sweden. Therefore, Vibenius had a hard time to sell his movie, let alone to find a film distributor to release his movie; the distributor that in the end wanted to release the movie did not shy away from cutting and censoring the movie in any way the studio wanted to. In the American version of the movie (…) the hardcore sex-scenes were all cut out again, and several scenes including violence were censored as well. Overall, about 25 minutes of the movie were taken out.

And this in the years 1973/74…

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I really like this one. It’s already quite a strange film at times, so the porno scenes must have really taken this film to another level.

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Only that there is no proof that the porn scenes were ever intended for that movie here. I still don’t believe that.

The inserted porn scenes from Thriller are as idiotic as a scene can be. They damage the film.

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It’s obvious they were not intended for the film and would most certainly damage it but it would be a laugh to see how they tried to tie them in with the rest of the story.

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It’s a pity you can’t turn the subtitle off on the X-Rated DVD. Am I right that the Koch release does not contain the English dub?

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Well the main title track to this one and a couple of the other score tracks would not be out of place in a 70’s porno. Kinski was wasted as his role could have been played by someone less high profile, but a nice beer cheque for the star. Nice flippant role for the star, and what a super looking hat. Viewed the fandub of the Koch disc, and only noticed I have never viewed this one before after reading this thread. Not much action in this one, especially for a 70’s one, and I guess some people will not like the detective basis for the film. So it would not surprise me if their were different versions to this one for different markets.


How to find those hidden pics?

Pretty good movie, only slapstick and far too predictable ending were downs.

And score was brilliant but should have been in more use.

Great PQ in koch disc :star_struck:


Decent film. I just got the Koch DVD since I threw away the shitty ‘Sartana Saga’ set.