The Price of Death / Il venditore di morte (Enzo Gicca Palli, 1971)

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Possible that he isn’t called Silver (I’d have to check that), but like you said, I thought the films were similar.

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According to Giusti it’s a (loose) trilogy, all three movies featuring the same character.
However, the PLL character in Killer adios is called Jessy in list with with characters. I’d have to check the Italian language version of the movie to see if he’s called Silver in it.

I’ll see to this tonight. If it’s not Silver Adios, I’ll change the text a little.

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There was always only talk about 2 Silver Spagies.

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I’ve changed the text a little (but still call it a loose trilogy)

Which reminds me that I still have to do the third Spirito Santo movie (but the second was rather vulgar I haven’t been looking forward to the third …)

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What I know about the porn version is that there was no porn version of this film. Instead a porn was made at the same time using the sets and maybe some of the lesser known actors were in both films.

There are some screen shots of this porn film hidden on the Koch disc which show actors not seen in The Price of Death. And actually there are no scenes in The Price of death which could be used for porn material. Unless maybe Kinski masturbating while being bored in prison. But that is not on the photos.

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That’s what I understood too. There’s apparently a lesbian scene with this actress Gela Genka and a French actress (who is not in the movie), plus a porn scene with a cameo actor. They were probably shot for another movie, but inserted in some illegal version.

I have the idea these guys from Nocturno suggest (and suspect) more than they really know.
It seems a bit foolish to make a porn version of this movie, maybe it wa just done by means of a joke and somebody made copies of the version they created? Names that pop up in relation to these porn versions are (among others) Fidani and Massacessi (Joe d’Amato)

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Yuck! ;D

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Yeah, not the best idea about this sex thing I’ve heard so far.
Stanton - you can do better!

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I checked the photos again. Some show the first scene with the girl nude. So that could have been part of the film. But the photos of that scene don’t show more than usual in films back then.

And another one shows probably indeed this Genka girl also naked.

But the photos which are a bit more explicit contain an blonde short haired actress not seen in the film.

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That’s what I read (and wrote):

“And then there’s this hard-core scene, reportedly starring body builder Pietro Torrisi, who has an uncredited cameo in the movie, and an unknown blonde.”

This info comes from the Nocturno side and is apparently also in that book ‘Wild West Gals’ (Is there a body builder on those pics?)
I’ll see if I can find more info on this Genka girl. Didn’t know her.

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Imbd spells her name as Gely Genka, but this seems her only major role.
She might well have been a actress who appeared in blue movies

She’s in two other movies, but in very minor roles. One of these movies has a very suggestive title - Prenez la queue comme tout le monde > prendre la queue may be translated as queuing up, get in line, but queue is also used for the male sexual organ.

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;D ;D ;D

Stanton, do you exclude that this couple may be the protagonist of the bedroom scene? Unfortunately at present I have no photos at hand… The guy says “Hope I’ll see you again soon”.

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I know it’s not a pleasant job, but could you load up those photos, Stanton?
Now were this far, we might as well investigate the case thouroughly

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I doubt if I can, maybe someone else.

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[quote=“JonathanCorbett, post:72, topic:206”]Stanton, do you exclude that this couple may be the protagonist of the bedroom scene? Unfortunately at present I have no photos at hand… The guy says “Hope I’ll see you again soon”.


Could you give me the time where this scene appears?

But the girl looks different to the one in bed.

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I doubt if I can, maybe someone else.

Just a moment…

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For starters here’s a lobby card with a girl with bare breasts

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Short haired blond girl

There’s also a pic of her with the guy but I’m not sure if i should upload it here even if it’s censored.

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Hmm… this thread is turning quite adult… ;D

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Those scenes definitely weren’t in the version I watched …