The Price of Death / Il venditore di morte (Enzo Gicca Palli, 1971)

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While it’s not really a good-looking western and it looks a bit cheap, the story is really good. Quite a detective story with a real good script. Worth watching if you’re out for a good crime story with a western-town setting.

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Damn that I was so tired watching it on TV. I only saw the beginning. Fuckin’ school :wink:

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how can you be tired? tired of what? haha

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I am tired of getting up 6 o clock in the morning. Normally i can be awake till whenever but not in school time. too much stress?! :smiley:
And don’t laugh only because you are a “night guy”. :wink:

(Martin N) #5

I was quite impressed with this one apart from the stupid slapstick stuff with the fellas in the lake, which jarred with the rest of the film. I don’t know what Palli was thinking there. I guess he wanted to hedge his bets with the genre on it’s way out.



(Sebastian) #6

lake? refresh my memory :wink:
oh yeah i remember. well yeah i guess you’re right, he just wanted to include some popular elements…

but really what convinced me was the intelligent script, you don’t have such well-thought law dramas often in this genre really

(Bill san Antonio) #7

Good film but I was still little disappointed. I had an impression that this is something of a mixture of giallo thriller and spaghetti western. I’m also much interested of giallos so I was expecting something special but apart from the first scene there wasn’t really any giallo stuff. But anyway, good script with Garko and Kinski, that’s enough for me.

and yes, that lake fighting scene was really out of place.

(Bluntwolf) #8

I agree with you guys ! The movie is really cheap made, budget was probably pretty low, or Garko and Kinski were too expensive. The story is above average though and so are the actors ! Nothing very special but solid work !

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That is a great photo you have there!!! :slight_smile:

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I’m collecting them ! In fact, I try to collect everything about SW, especially pictures, posters and the movies of course !!!

It’s quite a collection already !!!

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I have a huge collection of Lobby Cards, Pressbooks, and original posters from France, Italy and US. I would like to share some pictures if you don’t mind.

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Hi 2xJudas,

what exactly do you mean by that !!! I guess everything I would have to offer is already part of your collection !!!

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If you ever want to trade items or sell any let me know. If you just want to share jpg files of your stuff that would be cool also.

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Der Galgen wartet schon, Amigo! is the title on the print they use in the recent Sartana boxset AKA Price of Death.

I liked this one. As mentioned, a nice blend of giallo elements. Some very cool cinematography in the nighttime chase scenes.

Kinski. Kinski. Kinski. 8)

(YourPallbearer) #15

With the exception of the opening sequence, a scene in Garko’s mansion, Klaus Kinski’s minimal participation and Garko himself there isn’t much to watch here.

Slow and plodding.
The first Silver movie with Peter Lee Lawrence is much better.

EDIT: I will add that seeing all the back alleys at Elios studios is a real treat.
You don’t see those too often and puts to rest whatever rumors there were about the buildings being simply facades.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #16

I thought this film was shit but at least it had garko and kinski in it. Plus I’m looking forward to when wildeast releases it with one of my favorites, Killer Caliber 32.

(Stanton) #17

Alex Cox claims that for The Price of Death “hardcore porno scenes were shot”, but “the sex seems to have been dropped from the finished film”.

Hard to believe.

(Bill san Antonio) #18

[quote=“Stanton, post:17, topic:206”]Alex Cox claims that for The Price of Death “hardcore porno scenes were shot”, but “the sex seems to have been dropped from the finished film”.

Hard to believe.[/quote]I’ve heard this rumour too. Sounds just too weird for me.

(Starblack) #19

As I seem to be in a minority where this film’s merits are concerned, I think I can safely refer to it as “under-rated”.

(korano) #20


You are not a minority here. I love it. It’s in my top 20. Great film that is very satisfying.