The Music of Ennio Morricone

(Phil H) #101

Howard Hughes just sent me a review he wrote on the London concert.
I’ve added it to the database here: [,_Ennio:_London_2018]

(Sebastian) #102

wow great, added a few links and formatting and already posted it on facebook/twitter also. great initiative!
looking forward to the concert myself

(morgan) #103

My ticket for 28 January has arrived!

The concerto will be in Telenor Arena, which you of course know nothing about, so I’ll tell you. It’s in Oslo’s neighbour municipality, Baerum, the one with the highest density of snotty rich people in the entire Norway.

Once their football team had a couple of fairly good seasons in a row, so some rich uncles started asking why is it that our boys have to play at the shitty stadion they are playing at now? So they built them a new one, Telenor Arena. Their team played there for a couple of seasons, then they couldn’t afford the rent and went back together with their preppy supporters to play at the same shitty stadion as before.

It was built as an INDOOR football stadion with WOODEN stands. I went there once for an away match, and it was real embarrassing.

But now I’ll pinch my nose and go there for a second time, all ears, and then never again.

(ENNIOO) #104

Out my price bracket aswell.

Never been to London either so did not want to break that line ha, ha. Manchester City Centre is bad enough for me.

(Sebastian) #105

Hours away…


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(Sebastian) #107

The set list

(Sebastian) #108

Third encore omg we dont deserve this

(Sebastian) #109

Still need to go thru my photos, but here’s a preview