The Music of Ennio Morricone

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That is very old and he put out a correction shortly after


According to my good friend Google it’s from a very recent interview he did with German Playboy. Oh well, quien sabe…

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Ah I see. Well he is outspoken. He was quoted similarly a while back and the released a statement how he was misquoted etc :wink:


Wonder what his fee was for ‘Hateful 8’ … that’s quite a rant about QT :rofl:

Ennio: “Actually, Quentin, I think you’re a genius, and I was honoured to have you pick through my back catalogue without permission … oh, you want me to score your next film? That’ll be $10,000,000 … no no no, thank you Mister Tarantino!”


I especially loved your use of L’arena! I totally had a woman punching the inside of a coffin in mind when writing that piece! Well played, my friend

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Apparently this was just a hoax from playboy.

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I wonder if Quentin called Ennio yesterday to wish him a happy 90th only to stumble upon that article later on.


I don’t take any of this stuff too seriously - the Morricone statement doesn’t sound like him at all, rather a lawyer worded document. Ennio would never be so obsequious regarding his thoughts on a directors work … never heard him gushing about any of the people he worked with, never mind QT.

Morricone is on record (filmed interview) as saying he would never work for American films again, as he regarded his work as undervalued. And for my money the work he did do from time to time for American films or directors, with the exception of ‘The Untouchables’, was bland to say the least.

At the end of the day, this is all about money and ego … :smiley:

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Maybe Playboy Germany isnt the most reputable source… who knew :wink:

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Playboy insists… collecting some stuff in this thread:


I only read German Playboy for their Morricone articles. :wink:


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My bet was always on shitty translation or a shitty contractor…

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And to finish this lousy episode:

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Who went?

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Sadly not.

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Are you mad?

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Just not willing to pay the kind of ticket prices they wanted.

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yea, also paid quite a bit because I waited too long… but then I just bough what was left because it’ll be the last time I guess…


Sadly I didn’t either. I had tickets to see him back in 2014 but he cancelled due to ill health (I think he had a bad cold or something). I’m still gutted to this day :slightly_frowning_face: