The Mercenary / A Professional Gun / Il mercenario (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

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I watched it one more time last night. It’s not the best spaghetti western about mexican revolution, but still it’s very good movie. Advantages? Morricone made fantastic score (as always) and the duel is one of my favorites in all spaghetti westerns. I also love Nero’s charakter. He is so cool here. And he is from Poland, just like me :slight_smile:

In my opinion “Mercenario” is much better than “Companeros”. Mayby because Curly is better nemesis than John? Who knows… I even like Musante here. Milian is brilliant actor, but how many times he could play the same role of mexican revolutionist (“Companeros” and “Tepepa”)?

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I hope all non-polish-speaking forumites can forgive me, but i can’t help myself:P
Witam, miło że pojawił się tu ktoś z Polski :wink:

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[quote=“alk0, post:102, topic:177”]I hope all non-polish-speaking forumites can forgive me, but i can’t help myself:P
Witam, miło że pojawił się tu ktoś z Polski ;)[/quote]
can we have a translation please :slight_smile:

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"Welcome, it’s nice that someone from Poland have appeared here’.

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[quote=“alk0, post:104, topic:177”]"Welcome, it’s nice that someone from Poland have appeared here’.[/quote]cheers Alk0

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Definately in my top 5 sw’s.

Quite possibly Nero’s coolest performance,definitely Palance’s best performance as Curly which he camps up brilliantly.Milian as Paco instead of Musante?Musante works well with Giovana Ralli and i’m so sure about a woman dominated Milian peon.

Morricones score is magnificent especially during the bullring arena showdown which maybe the best non-Leone gun duel (even if it is meant as a parody of the Dollar trilogy duels).The climax comes early yeah,but there’s still plenty left in this movie to keep one enthralled. :smiley:

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I managed to find a good quality copy of this with Spanish audio on a public torrent site. Does anyone know where I can find English subtitles?

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I had huge expectations for this one after reading hiughes article about it. I was let down. It is not terrible but I’m sure the direct source DVD I saw of this was.

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still haven t seen it or found it made wild east wil release it
cross my fingers

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I gave it 5 even though I sort of think the ending after the colosseum duel feels out of place… I don’t think the fullscreen dvd is that bad the picture and sound are clear, i’ve seen it on widescreen on tv in italian, can’t wait for a dvd release.

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[quote=“dead-by-dawn, post:109, topic:177”]still haven t seen it or found it made wild east wil release it
cross my fingers[/quote]
Koch Media is releasing this spring next year. And let me tell you that is the best that could happen to this movie. They will give this movie the quality release it deserves.

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I recently watched a widescreen copy of this that Turner Classic Movies ran a while ago, i think i liked this even more than Companeros. If only Milian had played the part of Paco it would have been even more fun.

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Welcome to the show Spaghetti Monkey
There are some real fans of this movie on the forum
There’s even a Paco Roman

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Thanks for the welcome, this film deserves every fan it has, shame it isn’t more easily available.

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Hi Spaghetti Monkey welcome. I’m certainly not agree with you. Tony Musante is the best for Paco. :wink:
With Tomas it would have been more like Companeros. :slight_smile:

Hopefully there will be a better release of The Mercenary this year!

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You say that like it would be a bad thing. Just kiddin, it’s definitely darn good as is. It’s in the running for my favorite Corbucci.

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THE MERCENARY is not only my favorite Corbucci film, it easily within the Top 5 of my favorite Italian Western films.

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Seeing as there is a lot of chat about Weisser’s errors recently, I have a couple of questions here too regarding Frayling’s and Hughes’ analyses of this movie. Unfortunately I don’t remember what Weisser said and, having just moved apartment, my copy is still sitting in storage.

  1. Why does Frayling in “Spaghetti Westerns” (p.236) say that Jack Palance’s character, Curly, is homosexual? I just don’t see it myself.

  2. Hughes in “Once Upon a Time in the Italian West” (p.214) says the international print cuts a scene where Pepote, which he misspells as Peporte, has his male appendage chopped off. Firstly that sounds too graphic even for a Corbucci SW (I never thought I’d say that); secondly I have the Japanese SPO print, which I believe to be uncut, which just shows this horrible sentence being passed and Pepote being taken away.

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  1. You don’t see it? Palance’s homosexuality isn’t shown directly, but is more than obvious in his habit, his hair-style, his behaviour, and especially in his scenes with all his nice young henchmen (especially Sebastian). He even mourns about their deaths.

  2. Here is Frayling simply wrong. Unless the announced Koch DVD tells us different.

(Spaghetti Monkey) #120

I agree with Stanton. Palance’s homosexuality is a subtextual thing, which some people probably overlook, but it’s there.