The Mercenary / A Professional Gun / Il mercenario (Sergio Corbucci, 1968)

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In this case, most interesting pages on Corbucci were all Italian
But in general the German pages on SWs are as interesting as English and Italian ones

The book by Giusti contains a lot of interesting info, but i’ve learned to check things as much as possible
Giusti has talked to a lot of people, so his info is ‘first-hand’, but a lot of people have a selective memory or like to make up things, and Giusti is a bit credulous
To give you an example: Giusti had read in an '84 interview that Corbucci had said that Cameron Mitchel was afraid of Ethel Rojo, because he already had several children from at least four different ex-women, and therefore couldn’t afford her. I could not find confirmation of all this info, so I watered it down a little to a more neutral ‘Mitchell having financial problems’ - the story was to nice to do absolutely nothing with it.
But he always has interesting details: he mentioned the influence of Brecht’s play on the original story by Solinas, so that was a reason for me to go to the Wikipedia pages on Brecht etc. He also mentioned the names of O’Toole, Lancaster, Poitier & Pontecorvo. He didn’t mention The Scalphunters: I made that link myself

For people who read a little Italian, or speak French or Spanish: Giusti writes a rather clear, not too complicated Italian; he is not influenced by French post-structuralist writers (like Frayling was when he wrote his famous book). People like Valenciano or Chris Casey, who speak Spanish, should be able to read Giusti like I read Spanish articles or reviews: with a lot of problems, very slowly, making a pretty wild guess here and there …

Thanks for linking the review

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I spent some time reading this earlier and what a great read it is …
Fantastic work again sherps. Thanks for all the effort you’re putting into these reviews.

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Corbucci’s masterpiece, along with Companeros, is a five star movie.

Excellent cast : Nero, Musante , Palance and the gorgeous Giovanni Ralli.

Great story, great locations and a superb gunfight in the arena.

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somebody can tell me or give me alink where i can buy a uncut inglish version
thanks in advance

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good luck :wink:

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I think this is the closest you can get (even in geographic terms: the shop is around the corner for you):

If the link doesn’t lead you directly to the right page, act as follows:

Click on: DVD
Click on: DVDr Projects
Search (alphabetically) for The Mercenary

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which is a pirated copy of the japanese disc. i hope rumors are true and this movie is in fact coming out on dvd by koch media or the likes this or next year… can only be a matter of time

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buy sometimes from cinecitty
but i find the seller a litlle arrogant
he s there only for the money not for a talk
ask em if he knew i was looking for but he never responded but sometimes i buy some movies from him

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The review has been added to the database:

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MGM seems to have a new print that will be shown in LA in a few weeks. I hope that’s a sign for a coming DVD release. really all that’s stopping this film from being released is all the legal troubles

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No doubt that this is a classic but am I the only one who finds that this movie goes on for 15 minutes too long?

It should have ended after the showdown between Paco and Palance.
I know Fajardo still needed dealing with but they could have wrapped everything up nicely 5 minutes after the showdown.

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what can be better than one ending? two endings! the second one is more like the Big Gundown ending, the first one more like a Leone ending. you get both for the price of one, stop bitching :wink:

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I suppose this is why “Return of the King” did so well in the theatre. Bleh!

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you’re not comparing a corbucci to a hollywood production are you? besides, have you read the lord of the rings? that book is full of endings :wink:

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Has that become a crime? gasp

Yes, I have.
But no movie should ever duplicate exactly what is in the text. It just never translates well to film.
Hence the big over fed mess the third movie was.
As for LOTR in general. I’m not that big a fan. I like “The Hobbit” much more.

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Possible spoiler!!!

No sorry mate but I agree with Seb. The fact that this film has the big showdown duel then keeps on to another ending is one of the things that makes it so good. IMO and I think quite a few others not a negative thing at all…just the opposite. But there you go…that is why it is good to have this forum. Horses for courses…and quite often I read very enlightening opinions which help me to see things from a different perspective.

Oh yes Mr Pallbearer…I too think the Hobbit is better. Nice succint yarn

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[quote=“Tigero, post:96, topic:177”]Possible spoiler!!!
Oh yes Mr Pallbearer…I too think the Hobbit is better. Nice succint yarn[/quote]

It’s a shame they’re turning the upcoming movie into two films to squeeze a bit of Tolkien’s Simerillian.

As for Corbucci’s film, there is nothing else negative to say about it… except that Tomas Milian was not in the role of Paco.
Seriously… everytime I see Musante I think to myself “what a wasted oppertunity”.

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I agree 100% with this point.

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I’m glad I’m not alone.

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keep me in touch if it comes out

thank you