The Man from Canyon City / ¡Viva Carrancho! / L’uomo che viene da Canyon City (Alfonso Balcázar, 1965)

OT: L´uomo che viene da Canyon City

Hi, got a question regarding the Dutch title “Keine Gnade für Verräter” in the database. This is actually German!

Can be provided any info ? A rare Videotitel?

You get this on vhs or dvd?

Any infos about the Movie?

With Fernando Sancho ;D

Database page: Uomo che viene da Canyon City, L' - The Spaghetti Western Database

There is a Spanish VHS and I think a Spanish DVD.
I do not know if there is a English Fandub.

I have the film not even in my collection, but it is on my search list. :wink:
I do not think there is a German VHS version.

I think so…

But, somone has registered the title in the database and have information about !?

The title is most likely simply taken from the Bruckner book.

I think so… :wink:


The land is not even in it 8)

Keine Gnade für Verräter (Netherlands) ?

That’s wrong of course, and I have changed it.

Reggie, feel free to change obvious errors if you spot one. In the early days of the data base wrong data have sometimes made their way into it.

There’s no Spanish DVD of that as far as I know. I have the Spanish version, VIVA CARRANCHO, from a TV recording. It’s Fernando Sancho’s only western with him as the top lead.

Sancho is a cheeky chap in this and makes the film. Enjoyable middle of the road one. Woods seems to be enjoying himself as the head bad guy of the film, and is miles away from his character in say the MacGregor films.

Hello dear Spaghetti Western friends

Has someone a link or can post poster material for this film. As the German poster or what United States. I find only the Italian Locadina and the Viva Carancho poster …

There will be a Dvd Realese in Germany soon, and they need a good Artwork vor the Front.

Thanks reggie

Argentinean poster:

Here are Screenshots from the new German DVD !
There are Two Version on the DVD:

  1. Spanish Version (83 minutes with Spanish and German Audio)
  2. German Theatrical (78 minutes, only German Audio)

The First Screenshot is from the Spanish version:

(A friend made ​​these screenshots - Thank you)

Die deutsche Fassung weist für analoges Filmmaterial typische Altererscheinungen auf. Vor allem die Rotstichigkeit. Habe aber im kino schon übleres gesehen.

Recently watched this movie and must say it ain’t that bad. I mean it isn’t anything special but (in most parts) a solid early Euro-Western with nice cast. Fernando Sancho fans must see this one and there is also Robert Woods who gives a really nice performance as the baddie. Sometimes the movie can’t decide whether to be light-hearted or serious and hard, 'cause there is a lot of (hard, for 1965 standards) violence sure enough.

Very far from being a masterpiece but worth at least one watching.

It says it has an English track on amazon. Is this a mistake?

A mistake, as far as I know

Yes you sum things up nicely here, agree on all points.

Not really good movie but as a fan of Sancho this was a must-see film for me as it’s his only film where he has the leading role. At first it looks like Luis Dávila is the hero of the film and Sancho has only the role of a sidekick but it soon turns out that it’s more vice-versa. It’s nice to see Robert Woods playing the villain for a change and like Ennioo mentioned he seems to be really enjoying his role. As a 1965 film this must be one of the first sw’s that could be categorized zapata western. Sancho as bandit trying to exploit the revolution for his own profit is the familiar idea that we have seen in many revolution westerns afterwards.

In The Boldest Job of the West Sancho is also the lead. And somehow the hero.

Yes it’s a mistake. And I should have read this thread before purchasing it in the believe that it did have English options >:(
Fortunately I understand some German.

Part of a recent order from arrived this morning, unfortunatley not the Koch Italowestern Enzyklopädie part, but the Savoy Film DVD of The Man from Canyon City which I have been looking forward to viewing.
On the back of the packaging Savoy Film have kindly printed a list of people we can complain to if we dont like the film. :wink: :slight_smile: