The Last Western You Watched?

Morricone did a score for The H8ful 8. Haven’t seen that movie yet, but I had the idea this would’ve been the right movie for a perfect Morricone score

Well score does not necessarily mean “music” as such. I loved The Revenant’s score, it was atmospheric, eerie and minimalist

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Today Me… Tomorrow You! Featuring a bug-eyed psychotic Tatsuya Nakadai, looking like a Comanchero version of Park Chang-yi.

I like how Horst Frank looks like a cat.

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I didn’t notice it, but that can be a good sign

Forsaken (2015)
While the plot obviously is not completely original, this (Kiefer and Donald Sutherland) western was a decent watch nevertheless. The thing about this Oater though is that it takes a little while to get going, but if you stick with it there’s some good action and at times pretty violent and decent performances from the Sutherlands. As for the rest of the cast they’re not bad either, especially (Michael Wincott) who IMO steals the film as a hired gun working for the lead villain (Brian Cox) a merciless land-grabber.

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Looks like one to watch as like the Sutherlands.

Funny, I always liked the older one, but not the younger one. Don’t know exactly why.

Dunno if you going to like this one Ennio, it’s slow and it takes it’s time to get going. But you like the Sutherlands… so yeah, give it go. :grinning:

It can be watched at “Rainierland” for free by doing a title search, just be aware that an account needs to be created first. Use your own discretion!

3.10 TO YUMA (2007, James Mangold)

Oddly enough, I had not yet watched this remake of the classic from 1957.
I didn’t have high expectations (I had loved Mangold’s first movie, Heavy, but disliked most things he had done afterwards), but it turned out to be an enjoyable and good movie. It’s not perfect, the action scenes were a bit dissapointing, but it’s well-scripted and very well acted, not only by the two leads.

Hopefully more later.

Cheers, will give it a try.

Do prefer Donald Sutherland aswell.

I liked him Eye of The Needle. He’s a right bastard in that.

Yes, love that one :smile: .

The Bravados
-Good manhunt western with Gregory Peck and Lee van Cleef and Henry Silva as a members of villains.

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One of my favourite American westerns.

I just finished watching The Scavengers (1969). Not bad for a low budget film. Recommended for fans of exploitation westerns.

Especially with his “Needle”.

Well acted, yes, especially by Crowe, but there is some stupid stuff in it, and for me it is a total disapointment.

I re-watched the the Daves film last year, and it was a positive surprise as it was better than remembered, and it was always a fine western. It is clearly Daves’ best film, and very stylish, with some stunning photography and of course also very well acted. Only the scenes with Heflin’s wife towards the end keep it from becoming a 10/10 film. But it is now 9/10, and only a few westerns are in that region…

TO ALL ,what are your favorite westerns? If youll indulge me and my thoughtful top 20 How long does your top ten last? I go…
One Eyed Jacks
Rio Bravo
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid
Johnny Guitar
True Grit (2010)
Outlaw Josey Wales
Ride Lonesome
3:10 to Yuma (1957)
Ride the High Country
The White Buffalo
The Wild Bunch
Dances with Wolves
The Professionals
Buffalo Bill and the Indians
Day of the Outlaw
Dead Man
The Furies
From Noon Till Three

There’s a topic here where we posted these lists. I’d definitely make lots of changes to my list now though.

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