The Last Western You Watched?

Hello Western fans

Okay, what was the last Western you watched? Be it spaghetti or not. Here’s what I saw this weekend, what are you watching?

1 Sabata
2 For A Few Dollars More
3 Rio Bravo

The last two westerns i watched were both randolph scott.“Tall-T"and” decision at sundown".tall-t was good decision was average.

Companeros and The Great Silence!

  1. For A Few Dollars More - Listened to the commentary
  2. El Dorado

Going to listen to commentary for GBU yet again :slight_smile:

Well since it’s Halloween here in the U.S. I’ve been watching horror movies today, but I will have two very weird western added to the mix

  1. “Curse Of The Undead” a 1950’s Universal film about a vampire gunslinger in the old west
    2.“High Plains Drifter”-The Clint Eastwood classic about a mysterious (and deadly) stranger

watched “bad company”(1972) starring jeff bridges last night.found it for sale at movie store cheap,wasnt expecting much but was very impressed !jeff leads a band of young saddle tramps into the west in hopes of becoming outlaws.both violent and funny very good.

oh yes baby. a great film

Adios, Sabata
Return Of Sabata

Wanted Johnny Texas by Emmimo Salvi

The poster is 10 times better than the movie ::slight_smile:

Did anybody wathced Minnesota Clay yesterday on WDR in German TV? How was it?

Don’t know if it is actually a “Western” but it’s in the right time period (1850) and the right place (old California) I saw the new “The Legend Of Zorro” and I thought it was great

Today’s films were

“A Man Called Sledge"
Westworld” (I know this is more of a sci-fi western,but I like it)

The Desperados (with Jack Palance-not his best movie)
Young Guns
Young Guns II

Today’s films:
100 Rifles
Pale Rider (I love this movie)

they dont make movie posters like that anymore,makes me want to watch it .

-Totally insane film but great. The “eye scene” is wonderful.

Johnny Yuma
-I’m not a big fan of Mark Damon but this is still a good film. I love the ending and especially the title song.

Lonely Are the Brave

yesterday, classic Kirk Douglas

watched young billy young today. so far every western ive watched with robert mitchum has been great,blood on the moon is one of my fave westerns,and who can forget mitchums awesome role in deadman!

The Texican

The Quick And The Dead