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Devil’s Doorway (1950) :star: :star: :star:1/2
Good western made by one of my favorite directors Anthony Mann and this being his first western he makes good use of the scenery which adds a noir feel to it. Robert Taylor does a decent job as a Shoshone Indian returning home after serving time in the Civil War but finds very quickly that he must fight against Indian-hating white settlers.
Came across this video essay on the film mentioned and others as well, but it’s quite lengthy.


According to Richard Slotkin (p. 367), MGM got cold feet and was initially reluctant to release Devil’s Doorway:

“Both Fox and MGM planned movies for 1949–50 that would represent the Indian side of the conflict sympathetically, emphasizing the culpability of Whites in starting and perpetuating hostilities. MGM’s Devil’s Doorway […] was completed first; but its story was so uncompromising in its presentation of White greed and bigotry that the studio delayed its release until the success of Fox’s Broken Arrow indicated that the public was ready to accept it.”

Devil’s Doorway is an amazing film and my favorite of Mann’s eleven Westerns. Of course, all eleven are excellent, the one I like least is his last one, Cimarron (1960). In general, 1950 was an outstanding year for Mann, as three extraordinary Westerns directed by him were released: besides D. D. (in September), Winchester ’73 (in June) and The Furies (in July). However, as Kevin Grant writes (p. 34), “despite its significance, Mann’s first western remains one of his least known […].”

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Undoubtedly, one of Clint Eastwood’s best, with a superb performance from Chief Dan George, beautiful cinematography, an intelligent script, a rousing score by Jerry Fielding, and a catalogue of Clint ‘regulars’, including John Mitchum, Sheb Wooley, William O’Connell, John Quade, John Vernon, Bill McKinney, Woodrow Parfrey, and Sondra Locke.

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Fantastic western!! I think it is Clint Eastwood’s best Western.

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Just watched it the other day aswell. By far his best.

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