The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

Sabata ?

Edit, I thought it was a new riddle, but the fact that there were earlier clues naturally would rule out Sabata. This film I probably have not ever seen, i presume.

No runner, not that one.

There is something so familiar with that mirror bit, but I can not place it.



Some clues needed here … I’m completely baffled :confounded:


Wild guess

‘Chrysanthemums for a bunch of swine’ ? :thinking:

That would be good news for a probably interesting film.

Strike that … it’s ‘Buckaroo (Il winchester che non perdona)’ with Dean Reed :smiley:

That’s the one, Aldo! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Thanks Jonathan … the clue was a BIG help :smiley:

Try this one, guys.

The American leading man changed jobs in the film industry.

Btw Jonathan, and really off-topic, any news about about

‘Chrysanthemums for a Bunch of Swine’ ?

Monta in sella, figlio di… a.k.a. Great Treasure Hunt

There are no news for the moment.

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Yes Sir … that’s the one! The clue referred to, Mark Damon, who quit acting to become a film producer.

How about this one, directly from the bottom of the barrel? :slightly_smiling_face:

The Italian title contrasts in a funny way with the name of a better known Spagh released some months earlier… :wink:

Se vuoi vivere… spara! ? :thinking:

No Aldo, not that one.

Giu la testa… Hombre?

No. The other Spagh was a successful movie in Italy but is far from being Top 20 material, so much so that it does not appear on our official Top 20 complete list.