The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(Søren) #1

Thought it was about time a guess the movie-thread was introduced.

Basically a screenshot is posted and the one guessing which movie it’s from, after getting the thumbs up from the poster gets to post the next screenshot. If a movie cannot be guessed clues and extra screenshots are encouraged :slight_smile:

Screenshots can for example easiliy be hosted at

Movies from all genres apply but if a screenshot from a spaghetti western turned up now and again it wouldn’t hurt :slight_smile:

(Søren) #2

I’ll start with this one, which should be fairly easy

(alk0) #3

Death rides a horse

(Søren) #4

God damn quick, alk0… Barely had time to make the post. Over to you, amigo :slight_smile:

(Dorado) #5

That one was way to easy :wink:

(alk0) #6

this one shouldn’t be too hard either:

(Dorado) #7


(alk0) #8

Quick reply as well, your turn :wink:

(Dorado) #9

Sorry but I don’t have a programe to capture pictures with.

(Søren) #10

The first one SHOULD be easy. Won’t scare anyone off :slight_smile:

(Søren) #11

You can always ‘borrow’ a screenshot from the web…

(alk0) #12

Sure thing, we will post something more tricky later on :wink:

(Bill san Antonio) #13

Hey, this is fun idea! Do we have any other rules? One guess from user? All movies allowed?

(Søren) #14

All the guesses you want and all genres apply. But as I said in the first thread, it would be nice to see a spaghetti western now and again.

We COULD also set a list of genres that are valid. Only westerns, only Italian movies, only Italian movies and Westerns (non-Italian) or something !?

(Dorado) #15

How do you import the pictures, I can’t copy/paste pictures is there another way?

(Bill san Antonio) #16

(Søren) #17

Yes, just paste the direct url to the image, highlight it and press the image-icon in the ‘toolbar’. Voila.

(Dorado) #18

Let’s see if this works then.

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(Dorado) #19

Hmmm should have been bigger.

(Bill san Antonio) #20

Wild guess:
Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay