The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

The guy looks a little like a heavier version of Arturo Dominici; Zorro, Rider of Vengeance?

No masked hero in this one.

Could it be Carambola then?

Not that one, makesthemovie. Chronologically the closest guess was Aldo’s reply, even though the period at the end of 1967 and the beginning of 1968 is not the correct one.

Is it one of the Franco e Ciccio spoof westerns ? :thinking:

No, it’s just one of the least interesting (and less known) co-produced SWs.

Fernando Sancho is in the more known movie :wink:

5 dollari per Ringo ?

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Yes, that’s right, Lone Gringo!

Thanks Jonathan, good clues.

How about this one.

Is it Baba Yaga with Carroll Baker?

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Yep, that’s the one.

Over to you.

Thanks Lone Gringo, I have the Shameless DVD of the film, but I’m saving it for my next Halloween marathon.

Let’s give this one a try

The first image a little too vague? Let’s try this one, see if that helps

Looks like Dreyers Vampyr.

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It is Bill San Antonio, right on the money :+1:t2: Over to you Sir :grinning:

Thanks, Vampyr has really a look of his own kind.
Here’s a screen from film I watched recently

Looks like ‘If’… (1968)

Yes, I thought this was easy but liked the screen so much i wanted to post :smile: .

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Have a go at this one