The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

Very good Aldo, spot on! One of my childhood favorites. Over to you sir

This is what confused me :thinking::

That leaping image is the sequel cover image on Netflix but not in the trailer for the sequel. It looks like they used an original CTHD shot for the sequel trailer main image?

Thank you @makesthemovie

Now for an overlooked British classic, which features an incredible car chase sequence, by a director who would go on to make another movie with one of the most famous and talked about car chases in film history.


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No hesitations there! - that’s the one.

Over to you, Massimo :smiley:

Bullitt was the give away :wink:.

What movie was this miscreant from?

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I remember this rapey dude LOL … but will leave it for someone else :smiley:

Is it Death Wish 2?

Kerzey: You believe in Jesus?

Thug: Yes I do.

Kerzey: Well, you’re gonna meet 'em

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Correcto, makesthemovie. Deseo de Muerte Parte Dos

Any Spanish speakers here? Es mi traducción correcta para Death Wish 2?

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Gracias Massimo,

Let’s give this one a try, an SW familiar is the baddie here

‘Bury Them Deep’ aka ‘To the Last Drop of Blood’ :smiley:

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Boring film if I recall.

If you were starved of spaghetti, as I was, it was very welcome when it showed up on movies4men … true it’s not great, but has it’s moments.

That’s the one Aldo, well done. Over to you sir.

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I found it entertaining actually, maybe a bit more talky than I’m used to, but I still had fun with it.

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Hopefully this will be more of a challenge :smiley:

That’s Dillinger

Well done … that’s the one :smiley:

Lawman (1970) :smiley: