The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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If Nobody is going to answer I guess it’s Nobody’s turn.


Can’t believe Nobody knows this ! … perhaps we’re all exhausted after Christmas? :thinking:

Last chance, then I quit :rofl:


Oh, yes that’s the SW I watched for the 4th time within 8 months the day before yesterday. One of my highest ranked non-Leone SW, My Name Is Nobody, very easy (of course)

But I guess somebody recognizes this movie (but maybe nobody could tell the location where it was shot…)


Correct …. thank goodness, runner! LOL It was difficult to find images without the two stars, that would give it away instantly …. but I thought this should be an easy one too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PS: You can’t have Navajo Joe as your clue, when everyone here knows you’re obsessed with finding the station !? LOL Try another movie image please. :+1:


Obsessed ???

Hmm, OK here is one probably easy for many viewers


Looks like a beautiful sandpit location from Sei Si Vivo Spara.


Jepp. As a newcomer in the SW world beyond Leone Django Kill, If You Live Shoot is one of my new favorites. I have seen it 3 times in 8 months, maybe another time tonight…


LOL indeed, but I think this was a Spanish sandpit (better class), according to Milian, who says it was an extremely hot shooting location. The rest, filmed at Golden City, North of Madrid on the Fistful of Dollars location.


We need a Top 20 Sandpits list :wink: I’m sure If You Meet Sartana and Shoot the Living, Pray for the Dead would be in there.

Okay no sandpits in this one sadly:


Looks a bit like David Hess … so could it be the infamous Last House on the Left?


Expert chiaroscuro profile detection skills. :+1:

Could be the other House. :thinking:


LOL … that’s a sufficiently BIG clue :+1: so I’ll leave to another player :no_mouth:


You did the heavy lifting figuring out a low rez figure that’s 98% shadow.:muscle:

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OK, La casa sperduta nel parco :slightly_smiling_face:


Haven’t heard that term since I punched my art tutor on his big fat silhouette ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chiaroscuro has its place. :wink:


Yep, one of the sleaziest sleaze fests ever made.

(JonathanCorbett) #8839

Let’s try this one




I love the effect … but there were a lot of students at the time who would drop the word into conversation, in order to sound more intellectual or knowing.

PS: Never punched a tutor, though some might have benefited from a slap or two :rofl:


The actress looks familiar … is this an American film ?