The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Him or Henry Silva.


I think it’s Fausto Tozzi in that pic.

(El Topo) #8804

If so it must be na Italian Police Flick

(carlos) #8805

You’all are on the right track :grinning:

(El Topo) #8806

I’ve seen this

Paura in citta

(carlos) #8807

Yes sir! Over to you Topo image

(El Topo) #8808

Thank’s Carlos,

The last pic give it away for me as I remembre the scene, in the first pic Merli seemed like George Peppard

Let’s try this one


Definately a giallo. I “predict” that this movie featured an actor who was in a very popular spaghetti western.

(Phil H) #8810

Is it one of the Milian “Delitto” films?

(El Topo) #8811

I’m that predictable, but the main actor is an Italian actor not famous for any SW.

And no Phil not a Millian “any type of film” mate

(El Topo) #8812

Of course there are SW familiar faces in it


It’s not an easy one but I’m familiar with it. The version I saw re-dubbed the English-speaking American main actor and the English-speaking American major SW guy in English with other actor’s voices.

(El Topo) #8814

Let’s shake things with these two pics


‘Plot of Fear’ ?

(El Topo) #8816

That’s the one Aldo

With Michelle Placido in the main part, and Eli Wallach

Up to you

(El Topo) #8817

Just a note, I forget to put a Tom SKerrit pic, just to see if someone recognize him in a Giallo, pretty good film by the way


I haven’t seen it in a while. I was thinking Tom Skerritt was the main star. I haven’t followed Skerrit’s career much but I thought he’d be around 70 now but he’s 85.


This shouldn’t present any major problems … if it does, hang your head in shame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: