The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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No, it is quite a well-known SW.


The actress could be Helen Chanel … so maybe ‘Killer Calibro 32’ ?

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Not that one, Aldo. It’s not Helen.

Another two




I’m glad to see there’s another guy here who’s near as angry as me but personally I wouldn’t take too kindly to anyone dictating what words I can or cannot use or suggesting my intent…but I do identify with wanting to slap a person or two. :fist_right: :clap:


Art college was a massive disappointment for me - I left my job at the theatre to go back to school, and was amazed when term started that I was with a group of mostly young people who didn’t have even basic drawing skills or any real life experience … the course did have entry requirements, but how these people actually qualified is a mystery … unless the university needed to fill up all available places, and they just chose the best of a bad bunch.

The least technically able, seemed to be the ones who embraced jargon and went along with any ideas they got from equally incapable tutors. So what I experienced was a group of unimaginative, pretentious, plagiaristic Jackson Pollock wannabes !

Also, I’m afraid to say, most of the main offenders were pretty young women … aka Eye candy for the lecherous staff. If art is about personal development, communication of ideas and finding one’s own voice and style, then this was the complete opposite ! … still bitter after more than 30 years. Grrrrrrrrr :confounded: LOL

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A couple more from better source…




That looks like Robert Woods with his back to us ? … so I’m guessing ‘His Name was Sam Walbash’ ?

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That’s the one, Aldo!


Thanks JC … that was a tough one :grinning:

Try this one, folks … a British film from the 60s, which I only discovered recently, but it’s a cracker. Good luck


Modern art is a business that the elites profit from and then laugh at the idiot masses that fall for a million dollar solid white canvas in the same way that Europeans were told hat the world was overpopulated and to have less children, and then their elite leaders shuffle in the third world to replace them as a reward for their gullibility.


LOL … Nice video - couldn’t have put it better myself.

I can only reconcile myself by thinking we’re just living through a stagnant and confused period in time, which will eventually be ridiculed by future generations - it may still be a long wait … and that’s not only in relation to the art world.


Here are a couple more pics, plus a clue … this film’s director made one of the biggest disaster movies of the 70s and a flop remake of one of the most famous monster movies of all time :thinking:


It won’t be fixed without breaking some eggs at this point.

I don’t know the movie but is this the SW guy without a name?


He must be a close relative or share the same hair dresser ! LOL Nice find :grinning:

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Guns at Batasi?


I suspected that was Mia Farrow but she looked more “bombshell-ish” than I associate her as.


‘Guns at Batasi’ is correct … back to you Mister Corbett :+1:

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Thanks Aldo, here’s a new one :wink:



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Liberi armati pericolosi ?

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No El Topo, not that one.

Another two. Should be easier now…