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Not sure I ever got around to watching this one. Need to look through my backup discs and see if its one I have to re-get so I can watch


I made the dub with a very shaky old VHS English track and a TV rip from Spain - the English version was missing a few lengthy sequences, unfortunately … but I enjoyed the film a lot - plus really nice score from Marcello Giombini … co-written by Sergio Donati and co-starring favourite ‘bad boys’, Aldo Sambrell, Luigi Pistili and Benito Stefanelli :+1:

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I really need to get back on track with learning Spanish so I can do some subtitling. I’ve been toying with the idea of setting up one of the text to speech programs so that I can feed in movie dubs and auto-generate subtitles. It should be doable by routing audio to a virtual mic input via software to the text2speech program. With as commonplace as text to speech is now a days, I’d think some decent results could probably be achieved without all the work of translating yourself.


Auto translating is a bit ‘iffy’ … you still need to go through everything and simplify manually - but if you want expertise then, O’Cangaciero at CG is your man. Save yourself some headaches :rofl:

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Yeah auto translate can be not so great… but I was mainly wanting to try text to speech just to get the dialogue down as text. Speech detection has come a long way with recent technology :selfie: and a lot of products using voice commands… and a lot of work being put into this tech for surveillance reasons…

So generally you can get pretty accurate speech to text transcriptions, even with non-english languages, but the software to do this is limited to applications where you talk into a mic. So I would try running virtual mic software that lets you route an audio track to a fake mic input, going to the dictation software which would give me the Spanish dialogue in text…

Since I don’t speak it so well yet, it would be much easier to figure out with written text… plus auto translate features from Google are pretty decent with a language like Spanish


That sounds fantastic … the experiment alone should be fun.

I remember my first attempt at subs was laborious to say the least - I had a French movie, with only a Spanish subtitle as reference … and I’m limited in both languages. I used auto translate and common sense, but was still coming up with French slang expressions which don’t work translated literally. I spent 2 weeks on the first 30 minutes before giving up.

Look forward to hearing how you get on. :+1:

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Yeah subtitling is a huge amount of work. As much work as fandubbing is, subtitling is a whole different ballgame. I suppose if you’re well versed in the language, maybe its not so bad, but still just getting the timings right takes about as much time as fandubbing does…

The only reason I’m really considering is an excuse to help learn other languages, because its something I’ve struggled with actually doing and maybe tying it into my movies interest would help


Definitely a good idea … and making it interesting with these projects is a great motivator.

Buena suerte, amigo! :wink:

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Don’t know the movie, but I love the photography :+1:

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I think it’s one of the most beautiful films made. It’s probably a little out of you guys’ wheelhouse, but it’s seasonal and one of the stars did some SWs including a memorable villainous performance.


I’m thinking, Alain Delon ? :thinking:

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I don’t think I’ve seen this one either

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The actor in question shared the screen with the likes of Franco Nero and Bud Spencer in his brief SW career. The film is one of the most famous in its genre.

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Les parapluies de Cherbourg

The actor must be NIno Castelnuovo

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Them’s the ones.

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I’m just re-watching it.

Damien Chazelle loves the film, and La La Land is the fruit of that.

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Another bookmarked film for future viewing

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Thanks Rutledal

Les parapluies is an all time favourite of mine, love Legrand’s Soundtrack

Ok let’s try this one


The Revengers :thinking: