The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(El Topo) #8762

That’s the one Lone Gringo

Up to you mate


Thanks, El Topo.

Try this.


(Rutledal) #8764

Blood & Black Lace?


Nope,… this is a British Horror.


(El Topo) #8766

The Oblong Box ?


Correct, El Top.:+1:

(autephex) #8768

Looks like there’s some new sheriffs in town :cowboy_hat_face:

(El Topo) #8769

Ok thanks Lone Gringo

Actually I like the game but I’m not a Django yet, more of a Ringo

Let’s try this one, not the most obvious film but still possible with the right pic

(El Topo) #8770

Ok, I reckon this will a bit dificult with only teh now vintage CEPSA sign

An obscure European film it does got an US actor that was in one SW, the main actress is also famous in her origin country

(El Topo) #8771

Maybe with these two pics


(autephex) #8772

I think you’ve stumped us

(El Topo) #8773

Come on guys,

Not the most notorious actor, but he’s a well known character actor from the 70’s and 60’s featuring in some major productions


Well, I certainly recognise Michael J Pollard, so this movie must be ‘Morbo’ or ‘Morbidness’ … I’d never heard of this one, so you really did stump us. Well done! :grinning:

(El Topo) #8775

Yeah that’s the one Aldo.

An obscure Spanish pruduction of the early seventies, with elements of horror (from psycho mostly), surrealism and even some “destape” with a cute Ana Belen in bikini mode most of the time, I just don’t know how the hell Pollard was in this, he must have take some time off from Les pétroleuses filming

Up too you Aldo


Ok … a little easier this time - well known SW with American leading actor playing the title character

(El Topo) #8777

Ammazzali tutti e torna solo ?


Not that one.

(Rutledal) #8779

Sugar Colt?


Johnnnnnnnny Yummmma!


Correct ! :+1: