The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

(kevenz) #8722

No idea… but judging from the quality I’d say it’s a koch media dvd :wink:

(autephex) #8723

This is a very well known spag, but its not one of the big titles

Its a bit campy

(autephex) #8724

(Rutledal) #8725

They Call Him Cemetery?


‘God made them … I kill them’ ?

(autephex) #8727

Neither of those…

(autephex) #8728

Have been avoiding putting any of the main characters in the shots, but I guess this one is a bit harder


‘La più grande rapina del west’ aka ‘Greatest Robbery in the West’ aka ‘Hallelujah for Django’ ? :thinking:

(autephex) #8730

Good guess, but not quite… It is one of the many Django titled films though


’Son of Django’ ?

(autephex) #8732

hahah, the similarity in title is hilarious

(El Topo) #8733

Preparati la bara! ? Or Viva Django


Thank gawd for that! LOL … could have been here all night, Django this, Django that

This one, I’m pretty sure was never converted to a Django

(autephex) #8735

Actually you didn’t get it yet, so we could be here longer still :wink:

I was laughing because your guess is a kind of opposite of the title of the film which is screenshotted. When you realize the correct title, you’ll see the joke

But since you already posted a fresh screenie, we can have to games going

@El_Topo Not Viva Django either, although I see why you guessed it

(autephex) #8736

Let’s see if this finally gives it up…


‘Django the Bastard’ :rofl:

(autephex) #8738

That’s it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Now we can switch over to:


Here’s another pic, plus a clue … 3 Leone regulars have supporting roles in this movie

(Rutledal) #8740

One Hundred Thousand Dollars for Lassiter?


That’s the one … look forward to the day when this is available in decent quality - good movie.

Your turn @Rutledal :grinning: