The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Thanks, Massimo :smiley:

Ok, how good is your knowledge of SW waistcoats, or vests, as our American friends prefer ?

The composer is Francesco De Masi, who composed for 10 films the year this was released … so not that great a clue. Good luck :wink:


Does this help ?


Arizona Colt?


Yes Sir … with the lovely Rosalba Neri :smiley:


Roughly, when is the red vest in the movie? I narrowed it down to AZ Colt initially but my 20X Youtube/etc video-speed hack must have passed it too quickly.


53 min 18seconds exactly - how’s that for service! :smile:


Thanks, Aldo. Red clothing seemed to be a theme in the movie but I missed that shot.


Broadly speaking, this is an action movie but it fits perfectly in a specific narrower subcategory. I thought the star(male star, not in screencap) of this would go on to become a recognizable action star but I’m only aware of this film and its sequel getting a theatrical release, at least in the US.

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Karate Killer?


That’s it, Rutledal! I don’t know how you got it based on the image clue I gave but what I saw as Kill or Be Killed was originally released as Karate Killer.

It’s a martial arts movie with a premise kind of like Enter The Dragon, if anyone hasn’t seen it.

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I actually went off the mention of a sequel. Thought it was Jaguar Lives with Joe Lewis first, but that doesn’t have a sequel. So it’s South African cousin was a better fit.


I’ve seen it twice but the movie the still is from just popped into my head. I’ll pass because I just went but I’ve watched almost every movie of the primary actors involved.

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While this is not a spaghetti western the two leads did co-star in a SW title.


All, right. If no one else is going to say it… Adieu l’ami aka Farewell, Friend aka Honor Among Thieves starring Delon and Bronson.

I will not accept :wink: that I’m the only one that knew this considering most everyone here is 95% more knowledgable than I on European films. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Indeed, a little Bronson for your effort.

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Haven’t ever heard of that one


Nice misleading screenshots, well played :wink:

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The second shot is actually of Alan Delon’s face :joy:


The screencap quality speaks for itself :face_vomiting: but there aren’t too many actors this unmistakable, or is this Charles Bronzi up to new tricks? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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That I think I Know, Scavager Hunt