The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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haha… I swear I’ve seen him in a spag, wearing same/similar outfit… but maybe just looks similar to familiar players


He’s really putting his heart into it, or trying to supress a nervous fart in front of Miss Busty :rofl:


This screenshot wouldn’t have been a clue to me because I was unfamiliar with the entire cast. :samoa:


Samoa, Queen of the Jungle :thinking:


:samoa: :samoa: :samoa: Samoa, :samoa: :samoa: :samoa: Queen of the Jungle is correct, Lone Gringo!

I’m not sure the movie has quite the feel of the poster. :thinking:


Thanks. …Edwige Fenech went on to better things after that film.

Ok, try this, it’s an early 70’s American western.


‘Soldier Blue’?


Of course it is,… aldo.:grinning:

Had this one just in case.



Back in Spagland … don’t expect anyone to get this one from the screenshot, but I’ll be mighty impressed if you do. Only seen this once, and it’s a bit of a bore … only notable for a fight using cactus leaves as weapons.


I know what it is, so i’ll let someone else have a go at it


Did you see many or any Saguaro cactus in Almeria?



Only small prickly pear types grow in Almeria - You may spot a few rubber Saguaro cacti in ‘Chato’s Land’, ‘Sabata’ and ‘Bullet for the General’, all looking a bit tired and fake :smiley:


I remember reading that they had rubber cactus in some SW that they moved around to appear in various shots.

I’ve seen agave(not a cactus) in SWs which the Spanish and/or Portuguese imported from Mexico but I’d like to see a battle with a Saguaro or one of these giant Mexican agava leaves: :grimacing:

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Holy crap, that thing is huge


Not to get too far off topic :thinking: but Agave tequilana is used to make Tequila and they look like pineapples when the leaves are cut.



What an educational thread this has become … and genuinely more interesting than the poser I set :rofl:


Clues: The leading man is English, and appeared in one classic SW, which co - starred Tomas Milian.

The director of this is well known for Euro genres, but never got above B movie status … he was from Argentina and died over 20 years ago, at the age of 90 :wink:


Rattler Kid? I associated Rattler Kid with being another name for Dead Aim and overlooked it. I haven’t seen Rattler Kid yet but will check it out. :snake:


‘Rattler Kid’ or Un hombre vino a matar (A Man Came to Kill ) is correct :smiley:

This one gets only 4.7 on IMDB

I’ve seen much worse films technically … this isn’t badly made, just really dull - The lead, Richard Wyler doesn’t inspire much confidence either. Couldn’t decide if he’s a poor actor, or just a guy bored to death. :thinking:

Over to you, Massimo


Thanks, Aldo. These are different angles in the same scene. Clearly, an Agave-Western :wink:. This actor has been in some good SWs but didn’t make it on someone’s list of 97 leading SW actors: