The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


No Bill, this is an American film.

This pic might help.


‘Donnie Brasco’ ?


That’s right, aldo.:+1:


Cheers, Lone.

Here’s an early 70s comedy western, with aspirations … but doesn’t really go anywhere.

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I think I’m getting some aspirations right now :face_with_monocle:


Could it be the Lee Van Cleavage ? :rofl:


Lots of familiar supporting actors, and a very well known English actress, who also appeared in another western.

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dang, i definitely recognize the guy sitting next to the lady in red, but i can’t place it. Driving me a little crazy


Just realized there’s a 2nd English actress in this … quite well known in the 60s and early 70s

She’s sitting next to the film’s lead … but who is he ? :thinking:


Looks like something big, whatever it is.


Correct :smiley: The actresses Carol White and Honor Blackman … the busty floozy in the coach, Shirleena Manchur … and little old wine drinker himself, Dean Martin.


Thanks, Aldo. The still below is S, but not SW:


Don’t recognize her … could it be a Euro Spy movie ?

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It’s a long time since I have heard about this movie - thanks for reminding me.
As I recall, “something big” was used a lot as a catchphrase and it was a good comedy western.


It’s very watchable, with a great cast … but it’s no classic :wink:


I’d classify it as Adventure. It’s specifically an Italian production.


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Mr Mean ?


It’s not Mr. Mean.

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Hmm I’ve never seen this film or even heard of it… so where the hack was I recognizing that dude from… :thinking:


I wondered that too - think he’s just a very intense extra :grinning: