The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


I suspect an American movie from the early 1970s maybe set in the midwest that has a few non-actor locals in a few shots for local flavor. The lower still made me think Sugarland Express even though I don’t think that’s even remotely close.


I don’t know if that’s correct, but I like your theory and analysis, Dr. Massimo :smiley:

I was thinking ‘Harold & Maude’ ? for similar reasons.


Thanks, Aldo. I think No Country For Old Men(not my guess :wink:) is one of the most memorable recent movies with that feel, like the scene with the seemingly real female manager of the trailer park, if I remember correctly.

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Sorry for the delay but wrong track amigos

it’s an European film, with some SW actors, I’ll give a few more hints and pics as soon as I finish some claim reports.

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A few morer pics, it was filmed in Holland

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This guess…is too quiet, maybe with these ones



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Yes Massimo that’s the one.

Up to you mate


Thanks, El Topo.

Similar in some ways to last movie, this one is reminiscent of a giallo and an Italian “hoodlum” crime movie with Clockwork Orange style psychopathic villains.


It’s a Dutch movie and, other than the girl who played Emmanuele(above post) in another movie, I don’t recognize any other actors.


Your clue is a bit of a whopper - I hadn’t heard of it before.
There are quite a few well known Brits in this one … who will all be crestfallen to hear they’re not famous in California :rofl:

I’ll let someone else name names.


British actors are well represented in Hollywood today. Back then we mostly knew James Bond, Hammer Films, and Benny Hill. :wink:

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Benny Hill was OK, I always watched as a kid

On the film, maybe 1974 Alicia


It’s not Alicia but I almost posted Mira 1971( instead of this movie) which also starred Willeke van Ammelrooy, who isn’t in this movie. You’re very close year-wise as this one is 1973.

I think Benny Hill is bigger in the US than in Britain.

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Well he was big In Portugal I never lost a show

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Because of the cats, from Fons Rademakers?


Right on! Same director as Lifespan which, like Because of the Cats, I had never heard of until a few days ago.

You’re up, El Topo.

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Ok thanks Massimo
Let’s fly away from Holland, and try this one

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with these two pics, things will be a lot more easy, no clues.


The Pyx?