The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


I should have just shut up and let you give us more clues! :grinning:

Ok then, this could be the reverse angle to your screen cap … however, I don’t believe they have anything in common :yum:


Are you certain? :wink:



Excellent LOL :rofl:


Transfixed as we all are with Massimo’s fab gif … back to the matter in hand, identifying this movie. :laughing:


This is an early 70s movie which features many Eastwood & Peckinpah regulars - One who had a lead role in a well known SW :face_with_raised_eyebrow: another who appeared as a supporting actor in at least two SWs I can remember.

(Bill san Antonio) #8347

Catlow maybe?


No … this one is Made in the USA


As soon as I saw the cattle I associated it with being made in the USA. BTW, I’m not sure where in the US most SWs are supposed to be set in…Calif, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas?

It doesn’t seem to fit your actor criteria but I have to rule out The Culpepper Cattle Co?


That’s the one!

Luke Askew appears in this as, ‘Luke’ and a few years earlier played the lead in ‘Night of the Serpent’ aka ‘Ringo Kill’, also playing a character called Luke.

Geoffrey Lewis who features in, ‘Culpepper’, also had roles in ‘My Name is Nobody’ and 'Silver Saddle’

Over to you ,Massimo :smile:


Ok, right, with the pesky little guy that played a monk in another movie. :thinking:

How about this?


Yep … child actor, Luciano Casamonica, who also appears in Adios Sabata and Tepepa. Nice way to skip school back then.

Can’t decide if your screen shot is actually Bronson or a lookalike … maybe post facelift, meaning it could be the masterful ‘Deathwish 5’ ?


I was thinking of Franco Valobra. I remember him from one of your screencaps. I just assumed he was pesky. :wink:

It’s not Death Wish 5.

(Rutledal) #8354

Is it that new one with the guy that looks like Bronson?


Somethings not quite right ! LOL

Death Kiss :rofl:


Glad you guys got it fairly quickly because I didn’t want to lead you astray for too long. :grimacing:

Death Kiss is the correct answer!


This guy used to work at the western villages in Almeria … doing a very convincing ‘Harmonica’ impersonation.

Trailer is pretty funny … poor Daniel Baldwin, you’d think one of his more successful bro’s could help him get a legit gig :rofl:


One of Hammer films scariest

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The Devil rides out


He sure does :wink:
… your turn El Topo

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Ok thank’s Aldo

Let’s try this one, there’s at least one cool scene in it,