The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread

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Yap that’s the one


Would you recommend?


I’d say it’s worth a look … embarrassed to say I didn’t recognize Karen Black from the early pic. :blush:
Has some decent songs (slightly creepy) sung by Miss Black


I had never heard of this movie. The last thing I’m aware of Karen Black appearing in was a Rob Zombie horror film but she was in everything 1970s .

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Sure I recommend a typical 70’s film, as I like like Karen Black fine actress, and somehow a different role for Plummer that he does very well, it’s kind of a mix between Hardcore and Rosemary’s baby


The George C Scott movie?

Below: An extremely well done balancing act between comedy and drama:

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The actress looks very vaguely familiar … is it perhaps an Australian film ?


Very much so. It almost sounds like you already know what it is. :thinking: :wink:


Could it be ‘Muriel’s Wedding’ ?


It’s definitely Kathy Bates in Misery.


Yes. Have you ever seen it?


Don’t think I ever watched the entire movie - it must have been on TV at some point, and what hardnosed SW fan would admit to watching ‘chick flicks’ ??? LOL :wink:

Have a bash at this one


Now that’s Almeria!


It is indeed :wink: … this movie starred two American actors - One famous for his role as a detective on TV and film … the other for a classic Sci-Fi TV show.


I’ll throw out A Town Called Hell?


It’s not that one, but not to confuse you further, there are a couple of connections with both movies … not too important, but they’re there. :smile:

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Rosolino Paternò, soldato… ?

Don’t remember if it was filmed in Almeria, but both Landau and Peter Falk fill the bill


Not that one (which I never knew of) but interesting guessing.


It’s that pesky Landau again, fitting the bill but not delivering the goods.:wink: My guess starred Telly Savalas and Landau.