The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Clue: 1980s horror/fantasy


Last picture clue- someone must know this !?

(Rutledal) #8324

Something Wicked This Way Comes?


Not that one

(El Topo) #8326

Time bandits?!?

(Asa) #8327

The Company of Wolves?


‘The Company of Wolves’ … is correct :grinning:

Thought you all would have recognised Angela Lansbury, doing her ‘Yoda’ impersonation ?

(Asa) #8329


This looks like one that stars two 6’6" actors, so I will say Snowbeast.

(Asa) #8331

That’s it! :+1:


Thanks, LC.

I never realized what a pudgy guy this actor was:


That can only be “The Shat”, in ‘White Comanche’ ?


Correct! A serious movie with unintended comic overtones. :rofl:

(Asa) #8335

Years ago when I first saw it, I initially thought White Comanche was one of the worst movies I’d ever seen. But I quickly realised that if I watch it with my “Bad Movies” head on instead of my “Spaghetti Westerns” head, it’s actually a lot of fun. Double-Shat? With Shat no. 2 playing the whitest native American in human history, and his name’s “No, ta”? F*cking brilliant!


Well known French thriller with famous car chase - shouldn’t be too diff ? :crazy_face:


The Burglers?


That’s the one … original title,‘Le Casse’ (1971) :grinning:


^Music by Morricone. :+1: (‘Le Casse’, AND one below)

This one costars this very beautiful woman and a bad guy that basically played the same part effectively in three separate movies.


Think I’d remember this one instantly … nice composition ! LOL :rofl:

Actually I do recognise this

Corrine Clery - ‘Hitchhike’


You got it but I had this image as a backup in case you needed more clues. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: