The Guess a Movie Screenshot Thread


Manhunt/La mala another one of my favorites. That’s Umberto Lenzi’s quote attributed to me. :weary:


Sometimes directors ( or any artists ) aren’t always the best judge of their own work.

Apparently Morricone hates his music for ‘Fistful of Dollars’ … so what does the maestro know!? :rofl:

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The Devils ?


That’s the one … over to you, El Topo :wink:

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Thanks Aldo

Slowly back in the game, na easy one


Emperor of the North?

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Yap that’s the one

Up to you Massimo


Thanks, El Topo.

Convoluted story but overall :+1: on this one:


More clues please :worried:


Obscure clue: If the star of this didn’t smash a table then Harry would have been a lot different.


It’s ‘The Detective’ (1968) with old blue eyes, Sinatra ? :crazy_face:


Not The Detective but I would say you’re definitely on the right track, Aldo.:+1:


Lady in Cement ?


Correct! I watched it for Raquel Welch initially.

Sinatra broke his hand filming the Manchurian Candidate and had to bow out of Dirty Harry because the old injury would have prevented him from holding a gun. DH would have been set in New York City, not had the fantastic Lalo Schifrin soundtrack, or Seigel’s direction. Below is the scene from the Manchurian Candidate around 00:55.


Added to my ‘To do’ list … the movie, that is, not Raquel ! Chance would be a fine thing :rofl:


This shouldn’t be too difficult


Both Tony Rome and its sequel Lady in Cement stand out as being the absolute two most confusing storylines of any movies I have ever seen, bar none. I like the feel and atmosphere of both movies though. They’re like 60s paperback detective novels that you’ve seen the covers of but never read and always wondered what they were about.


Always thought ‘The Big Sleep’ was the most confusing of plot lines … so now I’ll have to check out these Frank flicks. :wink:


The Big Sleep is the Sartana of Noir flicks.


Which Big Sleep, '46 Bogart or '78 Mitchum?